Enough with the bullsh*t…let’s get this party started already

There are a lot of blogs that explain how someone else became successful, but not a lot that glorify in the “almost there.”

As anyone who knows me well can tell you, I am the one friend who is going to support you if your dreams are not so outlandish that there is a modicum of “it could happen” to them. I am also that one friend who, no matter what, will tell you when you are making a complete ass out of yourself. Of late I have been more the one who will tell a friend when they have other options, that they do not have to hurt the way that they have been, and that more than anything, please, just don’t give up. Never give up on something that means anything to you at all.

Let’s get this party started…

Enough already with the “this is where you f*cked up really good!” and time for “hey! look at how far you have come ! Come on! Keep going!! You are doing great!” We have all been going through a mess of unclear clarity, where we know that we have to keep on going because without our keepin’ on that for real the dream which is alive and well within us cannot become what it is meant to become if we just give up and give in. Yet we are told, endlessly even, by many an untried “guru” that we can do whatever we put our minds to and that no matter what, we can keep going.

Well, my thought about it all is that you have the very audacity to dream, so you best not have the idiocy to not follow through. Yes, I said “idiocy,” because only an idiot would not follow the dream that he or she knows is alive within them and is so for a good reason. We don’t just fart these great ideas that we have – great ideas come from somewhere. We don’t just imagine that the new people in our lives are somehow there without purpose. Contrary to the thing that you are willing to believe is the idea that you have no choices, no options, that your dreams will not ever be because you are not good enough, smart enough, this or that enough.

I am sorry, but I have a different thought, and that different thought is meant to be the thing that makes you realize that who you are is divinely powerful in that you had the very thought in your head to do something very magical with your life and with your time, and my friends there is no better time than right now for you to  make sure to it that your Soul understands that after all we have each been through, that there is no better time to start realizing the dreams which have waited for so long to become the reality. The reality is that there are a lot of folks right now who have these magnificent ideas and have these thoughts that, on paper, would rival that of ANY Forbes Fortune 500 lister’s ideas. The reason that there are people whose ideas get “found” by those companies are many, but the reason that anyone would have those ideas and the inclination to make their own dreams possible…well, now, that is the stuff that everything that you think is cool is made up of.

Steve Jobs was not an innovator only – he was a dreamer. I understand dreamers. I am one. I know the thrill of coming up with a new marketing idea, and I know what the elation is that is borne of one more sales call being made from a new customer because of something that I wrote that was the catalyst for a relationship spawned from the Dreams that some folks believe are too lofty to have, and on the other side of that thought, that the person dreaming it believes will never become the reality that they see in their heads as being also possible to be the reality they know as tangible. The impact the man made on the world and how we communicate is bigger than we think it is, and while he is no longer here with us, still, he lives.

And this is the main thing that I wanted to tell you all today – that no matter what happens in our lives, we have the chance, everyday, to begin to live the dream, begin to see the things that we want so badly actually become, all we have to do is believe it…that way, we will see it. If we can see it, we can also feel like it can happen.


Up there…there where the title of this blog is at, where I say that it is time to get this party started, I mean that we need to learn to write things down. Many of my students and healing clients want to know why I have them write things down. It is simple, really…a thought is a thought, and while our thoughts become things, waiting for a thing to come to us is maddening if we cannot see it for real. I have these people write things down for many reasons, with the main reason being that when you write down your thoughts, automatically, that thought has become a tangible thing, because you wrote it down, and that is what I call immediate proof that we are all magically inclined in a sense that not one of us realizes is far more powerful than our human brains can handle. This is the reason that I write everything down – not only because I have a million other things floating around in my thoughts at any given time of day, but because sometimes I need proof that we are responsible for the things that we manifest in our lives.

The things that we manifest in our lives, when we manifest them, are awesome and the moment that it happens we become a new person.

Yes, a new person, because at that point we find out how miraculous we really are. We find out that there is nothing in this world that we cannot have, or do, as long as we are willing to do the work involved. When it is that we wish for the immediate manifestation of a thought, I have my students and my clients write down their thoughts. No one ever thinks about it until after they have written their thoughts out that there are things that we think about that restrict our ability to see the miracles that we create. When we write out our thoughts, we are, in that moment, creating the miracle of manifestation in our lives. Writing things down brings the law of attraction to life for us and at that moment, we see our ability in full force and we know for sure that we are as powerful as we have always wanted ourselves to be.

What we never were told, or taught, is that we are magic in and of itself, that truly, we are the miracle which we are all waiting to have in our lives. What we are not given as the gift of freedom in thought is the idea that our power lies within us and that we alone are who is responsible for the things that we see in tangible form.

All it takes is that one little exercise – that moment that we write things down and see for ourselves the things that we think about, and we will know for sure that absolutely – it is high time to get this party started…

So what? What’re you doin’, thinkin’ about it?

Well, since that’s the case…go write it down…
Find out how powerful you really and truly are!!


Rev. Roxanne K. Cottell is a book author, healer, Spiritual Consultant. She is a public speaker who advocates for victims and survivors of domestic violence and emotional abuse. She is the Co-founder of The Sisterhood of the Soul and the creator of the Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui  healing with hula program. To contact her regarding booking  speaking engagements, to inquire about writing for you or for creative coaching sessions for business, “Corporate Soul Coaching” or for guidance to any of the Fires of Life issues, please contact her via email by clicking here
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Margo has been stricken with breast cancer, and she is at stage 4 level, but Margo is a fighter, and Margo refuses to just give in to this ailment. 

It is the Kuleana of The Sisterhood of the Soul to kokua those most in need of healing in whatever way that we can, and in this instance, we have chosen to help our sister, Margo, but we really need your help. 
At this time, we have decided that we will give to Margo fully 25% of the $20,000.00 that we have pledged to ourselves as a part of our own Mana’o, our own thought, not only to have a better means by which to be out in the world to do our work within our own communities, but more, within the global Sisterhood as well. Margo need us, all of us, to help her with this part of her Path. 

Again, please kokua The Sisterhood of The Soul and help us help our Sister, Margo, of Hawai’i…

Margo – we Love you, girl!! We know that you are not ready to leave us and we know, too, that when you are back and well again, that your life and your living of it will be the greatest testament, not only of the Aloha, but more, the Ikaika Woman who resides within.

Aloha Nui Loa
Southern California.


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