That which we resist not only persists, but insists!

Human beings tend to ignore the obvious signs that tell us that the time for growth is Now

We have all heard it again and again…”That which we resist, persists,” and Eckhart Tolle had it right when he said it. The things that we do not want to look at, are scared to accept, look like they might be more trouble than they are worth to even look at, and that which continues to show up in our lives and that which we choose to NOT address – THOSE THINGS are the very things that we need to stop being so afraid of and more, are the very things that we need to change.

Not only do the things that we no longer want in our lives persist, they also insist that we pay attention to them 

It is like a recurring rash that happens whenever we have eaten something that we are not aware of our needing to no longer eat – it comes back, and while we are not aware that we may have developed a food allergy to that one thing, we know for sure that until we have checked everything out and know for sure what is the cause of that rash, that we perhaps should not be eating what it is that caused it. The problem is, though, that for the bulk of our lives we have never had an allergy to anything, never had a reason to think that maybe this thing that has come to our lives is the very thing that we have been ignoring and is the thing that is the representation of what it is that we are now needing to no longer have in our lives.

Notice that I did not write what we do not want, because that is easier than what we no longer need in our lives, and normally when it comes to our needs we silly humans want to hang on to what worked for us in the past, and in reality everyday we evolve and everyday we look at the things that are part of our lives and wonder why it is that we are hanging on to things that no longer have a purpose. The reason is because the purpose has been met and we do not know that it has been, and that is part of why it is so hard to think that things are changing even though it seems as though nothing has changed at all. Sometimes, when it seems that nothing has changed at all is when we are ready and receptive to the idea that what has come to be and come about is exactly what we needed AND asked for – this is when the reality of Eckhart Tolle’s inclination toward making it real to us in writing that whatever it is that we know needs to be seen to, know needs to be looked at and accepted, and more, that which makes an appearance again and again in our lives and our awareness – THAT is what we need to pay attention to – and NOT what we WANT to happen first.

That is the funny thing about all this spiritual and manifesting stuff – whatever it is that is the persistent thought in our awareness, whether it is perceptively the thing that we want or not, does not matter. It does not matter because that thing that keeps coming back is the one thing that we keep ignoring, putting off, not bothering with, and it is that one thing that keeps on with this same sort of energy that makes it all the more reason that we really, really need to take a look at it all and choose if what it is deserves to be ignored any further. If a thing keeps coming back and keeps making its presence known, don’t be afraid of it. In fact don’t look away from it because these things tend to end up like a very pain in the okole child looking for our attention…it ain’t goin’ away so you might as well just choose to look at it and find out what the hell is so important about making a choice or at least forming a new thought about.

SO, let’s look at this again, okay? …forming a new thought…it is not that easy, but you gotta do what you gotta do

Our thought processes are learned. We start this learning when we are very young, and just like we all know that children are like sponges, it is not only the book type of learning that we absorb, but also all the other sort of learning that we do, and that other learning is also something that sticks with and to us for as long as we choose not to have a thought about anything other than those which we have been given by others. We are meant to challenge our learning by adding to that measure of learning things that we have sought out on our own. When we first go out into the world to find our first job, not only is everything that we learned to that point about what we know immediately challenged, but so, too, is the opinion that we have formed about those things because we are about to be judged by a stranger and strangers have no reason to lie to us about who they think we are. If what we assume they think somehow matches what it is that we have as our own thoughts about a thing, whether those thoughts are ours or someone else’s, regardless if they are new thoughts or thoughts which are outdated, the truth is that we are already not comfortable about a thing because we know already that we are going to be judged and it could be harsh or otherwise, depending upon the person’s perception that they have formed with other people who have come to them in search of the same thing that you are.

Using the analogy of the very first job we find that the things that we have believed about ourselves for very long spans of time come fully into play for us, and this is not something that we do not experience every time we are met with something or someone new. We put on a show and it is within that we know if we are on the take or not, if we are coming to the situation fully present and absolutely truthfully or not. If we know at the onset that we are not being completely “there” in a situation we should also know that our inability to be absolutely transparent with our own reasons for anything at all need to be pure, because it is only in that pureness that we will find the truth, not only about other people and how they relate to us, but more, how we relate to our very selves. If we are persistently resisting changes that we know we need to make, then we should also be ready to accept that we will go through the stupidity that we have gone through for a long, long time and that it would be within our very best interest, not only to investigate more why it is that we keep going through things that we go through, but more, how it is that we intend to no longer go through what we go through that is no longer the thing or the way of being that is conducive to our own growth.

If we are not willing to at least look at what is happening and also to accept our place and our Selves inside of it, then what we are also not doing is not addressing that which the soul needs. If we are not addressing what the Soul needs, then always we will find ourselves right back where we started.

The saving grace in the redoing of things that do not even need to be thought about anymore is that at least we have seen it all before, and because we have seen it all before and done what we have had to do, we also know what needs to be done.

Something to really think about, ain’t it?

Yes…yes it is…

I Love You All !!

Reverend Roxanne Cottell is the Kumu Hula and Creator of the Spiritual Hula Program for Women and the Co-Founder of Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui. She is a blogger, book authorchoreographer and Spiritual Consultant, an advocate and public speaker against domestic violence and emotional abuse, both of which she is also a survivor. If you would like information about Weddings or simply just to contact Roxanne for information about the Spiritual Hula Program for Women or information regarding private hula or Spiritual Guidance sessions with her or would like to book her for a speaking engagment please  feel free to send her an email.
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