Po’okela…Creating our own Excellence through shared measures of Respect

“Ahuwale ka po’okela I kau hana ia ha’i” 
(“It is through the way that you serve others that your greatness will be felt”…Hawai’ian Proverb)

It should be a no brainer – when you do stuff, do like Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure tells us to and “Be Excellent to each other …and party on, dudes!!” (Couldn’t help it haha)…this is not something that should take any thought to do. Most of us were raised to be good to other people. It’s called having respect and doing the best that you can do, no matter what.

Problem is, there is that respect thing again, and the world is in vast and sore need of a new kick in the okole about it, because the truth is that we have lost all semblance of the word, let alone the energy.

Respect…it is a whole lot more than just a really great song by Ms. Aretha…

First off, the idea that we will treat other people as though they are meant to be at our service and the idea that a lot of people think that it is okay to still pander to the mid-80’s thinking that more is better, that we have to make a grab for everything we see so that we don’t miss out on what is really great is far past its prime, and while this might now be habit and second-nature to a lot of people, it just is not right. This is not cool. In fact it is not cool in every possible way that anyone could think of it not being cool. To take from others, even if they offer it, and have no intention to give back, is wrong. It is selfish and creepy and all that other good stuff that we think is all good even though it is offered by someone else.

To live with the intention that is “take what you can and run before they stop giving it away” is damaging to our souls, and anything that is damaging to our souls is truly going to also damage our lives in many more ways than only one, and one place where this damage shows up is in our working lives. Regardless if you are your own boss or you work for someone else, the fact remains that these are no longer the “take as much as I can and run” 80’s, and it is also not the touchy-feely-way-too-soft-on-life 90’s, and of course we are in decade number two in this new age of both living and working. The idea that we can do anything without the thought in our heads, also, that we have to be as excellent as we can be all the way around, to some people, seems like a foreign thing to them. Yet it is only foreign because they are not aware that even though they may have learned to live their lives the way they used to in the past, that they have the option to no longer be those creepy, self-centered and arrogant jerks they have been for so long now.

What IS their fault is the idea that they cannot change, and it is not because they cannot – let’s be real here, shall we? The truth is that they either are too lazy to change, even though they want the change to happen to them, or they think that if they are still making theirs, that no one else matters. While this is the truth when thinking in terms of being better for one’s self, there needs to be a balance between the idea that Truth brings success, and every person for themselves.

Respect is the thing that is still lacking in life, and respect is the one thing that many people operate their own lives from, because when you have respect for the thing that you Love so much – your livelihood, your family, your hobbies, you whatevahs – it shows, not only in the way that you live your own life, but more, the way that you affect the lives of others who share that life with you. I could sit here and tell you story after story about anything under the sun, anything that has happened in my own personal life, happened in my professional life, and the bottom line is that wherever I have done anything at all these past five years, always, I have tried dearly to do with respect, at least for myself, my gifts, my talents and what it is that I bring to Life for others to share with me.

What it is to Life that we bring for others

We are who we are for a good reason, and none of us knows that reason but always that reason seems to come barreling through when it is most needed that it does. This is the way that this stuff rolls. This is the reason that in life we are met with certain people and who those certain people are in our lives is as important to how we live as much as who we are. Who we are is not dependent on what other people think of us, but our pleasures and blessings in life totally do depend on who we are and more, how we treat others.

It is nothing for an intellectually smart person to be able to produce great ideas, but for some whose lives are lived literally “by the book,” there is a bit of high and mightiness to many of them. This leads to those IQ’d and big-brained (hi! I Have a big fat brain) to believe that we are somehow better than the rest of the population when thinking in terms of smartness. It took me a VERY long time to get over my own IQ and to get to what is real in both my life and in my practice, and that one thing that is very real to me is not that I am respected but that I know I have respect, and I know that I have built my own level of integrity that is unshakable. This was not something that happened overnight. It took me a lot of years to no longer be a jackass, a long time to get out of my own way to see what is there and is real, and the realest thing in the world, as you will find out, is not what you can produce but more, what you can offer.

If you cannot offer respect, empathy, integrity, what you produce will be nothing that really matters in terms of what is real. There are many healers on this planet, and many of those healers are not the sort who are not willing to not be sneaky, who are too prone to allowing their egos to take the lead, and that normally leads to their wallets getting fatter, but there is nothing saying that people who do what I do have to behave like behemoth morons. I know this moron. I was this moron, but I am not anymore. I chose to be of service to others, to drop the idea that I was going to get anything in return, and realized that the thing that I am given in return is the respect that I do not even have to ask for, but that most surely I do get, just as my Sisterhood also gets.

We are treated with respect because we are willing to not only give it, but to live it and exude it in huge amounts. It is just something that we do and simply is just how we roll. We know that the work that we do with people is very important, not only to their Spirits but in some cases, to their very physical health as well, and we also know that there needs to be a certain measure of respect for the sick, respect that they might not be ailing because of something going on in their souls and that maybe they got it from eating something that they should not have or because it came from someone else. No matter what, we know that because of the work that we do that only the results are tangible and that the “medicine” we provide is not, that the utmost in allowing our clients to know that we are every bit all what we tell them we are and know that we are, we must operate from the very highest place that we can. That is not our rule, and we did not make it up, but we try hard to not break that rule, and people know that we are not in this just for a paycheck – they know that we truly and actually care about their very well being.

It is portrayed in our marketing efforts, on our website, in every single email that we send and every text and chat message. We know that this sort of work requires a bit of good judgement and loads of clarity on our part, and because we know this and we know that respect is tantamount, we are very good at serving our clients with LOADS of all of it, because simply, that’s just how the Sisterhood of the Soul, rolls. We know that what we do is still one of those healing “things” that many still raise their eyebrows to, but we also know that because we have respect for humanity as a whole, we are also met with that same measure of respect, of Love, of everything that we give that we do not charge for. And this is the way that it is meant to be.

The way that it is meant to be

The way that things are meant to be will end up being the way that we see them as being if we are not more aware of the reason that we are being treated one way or another.

The way that things are meant to be will not always match in terms of what we want to see. If we want to see something, we have to be what we want to see. If you want respect, be respectful. If you want to make a profit, pretend (yes, pretend) and Be profitable even if it is only in your intentions. You have to be what we want to see, if you want respect in both your working life as well as your personal life, then be who you want to draw to your life.

This is not something that no one knows. In fact, we all know this.

Now we all need to practice it….so…

Who’s game?

Who is ready to see the results of practiced Respect?


I Love You All !!

Rev. Roxanne K. Cottell is a book author, healer, Spiritual Consultant. She is a public speaker who advocates for victims and survivors of domestic violence and emotional abuse. She is the Co-founder of The Sisterhood of the Soul and the creator of the Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui  healing with hula program. To contact her regarding booking  speaking engagements, to inquire about writing for you or for creative coaching sessions for business, “Corporate Soul Coaching” or for guidance to any of the Fires of Life issues, please contact her via email by clicking here
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