January 30, 2013 – A Message from Spirit

Auhea Wale Ana ‘Oe…Please …Pay Attention…

When there is about to come in to our lives change of great magnitude, I am prompted by Spirit to deliver the Divine Message that She has for us…so please, understand at this time that while they are my hands typing this message and while it is that these are the words which also come produced by my thoughts, very dearly at this time, my thoughts are not only not my own, but are the very channeled and Loving words of the Divine Creatress….please kokua…please assist your self with this message, for it is a Divinely Timed and Planned message…

“Auhea wale ana ‘oe….please, Children, do listen with your hearts and your souls, and allow that which is within your Self be seen now, for now is that time in the collective lives of mankind to see in one another all that you each are. Do not judge that which you do not understand and cannot comprehend, and it is of paramount importance that you each heed the thoughts and the synchronicity which is coming to your blessed Humanity at lightning pace. 

Change is upon you, and the changes, while they are not comfortable, are needed, for all of mankind has a shared purpose, in Aloha (Love), and in Peaceful Unity (Lokahi), and there are a great many adjustments to be made, singularly as well as collectively. It is time now to release all that you have as your painful memories, and time now, too, to forgive that which is within you each that has yet to be forgiven, for all of humanity is prepared to walk the Path of Divinity, but no longer alone, and instead, as One. For it is that The One is The One of the Whole of the Human Race, and it is a sad testament that throughout the course of your lives you have all chosen to go the way of the Ego. You did so because this is what was expected of you all. You did so because that is not only what you were taught, but was also the lesson that you were expected to learn and did. The time has come, now, to release those thoughts and release the pain and give it to Spirit, for it is within those thoughts that you have been borne to this day in the manner which you have been, be they Loving thoughts, angry thoughts. Whatever the case may be, these things are meant, for they are that which will lead the whole of you to your Higher Calling. Your Higher Calling is your Kuleana (responsibility) and your Kuleana is many fold. For many lifetimes collectively you have taken on the color of that which is not you, is not the truth of you, and you have carried that weight for far too long now. The time has come to release yourselves from that burden and know, too, that Now is the only time that any one of you has. 

Now is when you will make the most crucial decisions, and now you have all those same options before you that you have always, but Now, those options have taken on a far greater meaning than ever before, and yes, you are meant to know that no matter what you have chosen you will have also made the concreteness of that choice permanent in your awareness. We beseech you to please do not shun the Kuleana. Be Wise in your choices, for they are the very stepping stones to your own Greatness. Humankind has shunned, for centuries, its collective greatness. Now is the time that all these things, these choices and the start on the Path that is your own, matter. They matter so very much for the time at hand is greatly awash with the mixture of elation and fear and confusion and apprehension and it is so because you have made it so. You have spent your entirety of Knowing thinking that there has to be a winner, has to be a loser, when in fact and in truth, there is nothing for anyone to win or to lose, and only that which you each are to Be. 

You must be willing now more than ever to release your fears and be out in the world, giving your Truth to whomever will have it and Know it and Bless it as the Gift which you each have for your Tribe and the Greater Whole of the Tribe of Humanity.Know now that regardless if it is accepted by others, that it MUST BE accepted by you each and all, in a singularly yet, paradoxically, collective manner. You are meant to be as One Wholeness, even as you each remain the singular representation of the Love that Is Spirit. The Love that Is Spirit is that which all are privy to, but mankind is still “of the Ego,” and due to this, there are many who are not aware that the changes requested have been made and there are those who still resist this. You resist because you are not aware that you have been guided to this place in your Lives so that within the confines of those Lives you will be able to Bless others with your lived representation of The All That is. 

You must choose, now, Children, to Live up to that which is all of Na Mamo, all of that which is of The Chosen and of The Cherished, for this is what you are, this is Who You Are, and this is the Truth that Is. It is a Kuleana that the Whole of Mankind asked for, and it is now upon you, and there are many who still turn their eyes away from the blinding light of the Truth, for theirs is still the comfort which resides with the darkness that is within each and every human being. You have pandered to the whims of the Ego far too long, and it is because of this that you cringe and you chafe at the changes which you, yourselves, have asked for. It is not as difficult as it might seem, and at the same time, it very well is. It is because you have chosen it to be, and it is because the hard way is the only way that all of mankind has proven itself to believe is the most worthy way to see the changes and to embrace them.

We come to You as a meaningfulness to the changes at hand, and it is our hope that you all will seek the answers which come to you in the ways that are most noticeably apparent, even and especially when that apparent nature is of the sort which you cannot define with your limited human thinking. This is the time that the thoughts that you have had, the dreams you have chosen to build, and the life that you have each chosen to Live come face to face with everything else that you have all thought, dreamed, feared, wished for, dealt with, Know, and it is good,even as for some of you, it may have been and will remain to be painful. You are being asked to release the pain, release that which is most familiar to you and embrace the newness of that which is upon you all. Embrace the evolution that you are each singly and collectively experiencing, and know now that those things in your lives that make you cry, make you angry, make you “Soul Sick”…all is meant as a bigger part of your Grander Purpose and all is meant for your proper growth and more for the growing into of things that you cannot fathom as being part of your awareness at this time. 

Your awareness – it is what is going under the most change at this time, and it is because you all, for so long, have paradoxically known and seen what you must do and chose always to remain with those things which insulted your soul and gave meaning only to the pain without your addressing the very healing which has been collectively requested, over and over again, and when we heeded the cries in the night, you listened, heard, but you were not able to understand what the message was. The message is different but same, and it is all Love, all healing, all pure, all Light, and we ask that now, in this moment, that you remember who you are. Remember your place in the Universe and remember that even in your imperfections you have been made perfect, not in your eyes, but in that of Spirit’s. Spirit is why you are here, in this awareness and Spirit has endowed you each and all with the very Light from the Soul, and it is a Divine Energy, and one which at this moment on Earth, is dearly needed, not to be kept so that your ego has yet one more thing to cling to, but more, is to be shared, even in this, what you see as its own unpolished and imperfect form. Your human eyes cannot fathom that these things that you see, that you hear and know, as being anything other than that which is harsh and that which hurts the Spirit but most assuredly does not crush it, for the time that was that was the intention of the masses to bring hurt and harm to your Souls is long past and most assuredly, verily we say this to you all, that the time, the hurt, is now prevalent in your eyes and in your minds because that is where it has been kept and embraced for all of time that has been. You now have the awareness that you no longer have to hold on to all of that, and you may, at your option, choose to release yourself from the past.

Learn to forgive, for in those times that you have accepted, let go, surrendered, you were made stronger, more perfect and it was a Divine and Sacred Moment, not only in your own human lives, but more, in the collective lives which are shared by all of humanity as the very collective whole that you are.

…remember that you are Love and that you are Loved…

(..And with that said…)



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