Take off your shoes and walk barefoot in the grass…

…Just a little Patience…

“…I been walkin’ the streets at night, just tryin’ to get it right. It’s hard to see with so many around. You know I don’t like bein’ stuck in a crowd and the streets don’t change but maybe the name, I ain’t got time for the game…” (“Patience,” by Guns n Roses)

When we think about the things in our lives that seem harsh and make us cry because it seems like those things happen again and again it is at that time when we need to really take some time simply to just Be.

People make the joke that I could not get closer to Spirit if I were Spirit (which, make no mistake – we all are) but that is giving me way too much credit. The truth is that I was taught by a very close friend of mine a few years ago that when it is time to get down to the nitty gritty of things in our lives, we need to learn first to just simply chill.

Just simply chill

Not too many people think of reconnecting with Mother Earth as being something that they can do without performing some sort of ancient ritual, but the most ancient of rituals that modern man has known since the day that the very first pair of shoes were created is taking those very shoes off and walking barefoot in the grass.

We all think that our problems in life are permanent, but what we do not realize when we are thinking about all of our issues is that while the problems are temporary, the solutions that we come up with do not have to be. So many of us are caught up in the everyday garbage that comes our way and rarely is it that any of us comes up with a real way to deal with it all that does not include our taking a pill or buying a program or worse than that, dealing with it through addictive behaviors. And anything that we each do to protect ourselves from the uglies in life can and sometimes do become an addictive behavior, and eventually that addictive behavior becomes the thing that …well, becomes us. Some of us, I have heard and seen, can deal with our stuff without delving into something that we know we shouldn’t. Yet that sometimes is not even enough.

When life gets to be too much for many people, the simplest thing is to do like you are meant to, go with the flow of things, kick off your shoes and walk barefoot in the grass. Any grass.

Walkin’ barefoot in the Grass

While I may be all the smart I am and come up with different options of ways to think about a thing or two for the clients who I serve and Love, there are times when the healer needs some healing. It was not long ago that my very close friend and Soul Sister, Reverend Vel-Daniel Gambrell, and I were talking and she tells me, mid-sentence, “Mapu shut up and walk in the grass.” Of course, I questioned it and kept talking and she says to me “Dammit, Mapu! TAKE YOUR F*CKING SHOES OFF AND WALK IN THE GRASS…You’re Hawaiian…you tell people all the time that it is part of who you are to not want to wear shoes so take your damned shoes off and go outside and walk barefoot in the grass…jeezuss, girl!!”

Of course, I knew what it was that she was telling me. She was telling me that I needed to be all the Pisces I could be, go outdoors and take off my shoes and live by the soles of my feet for once in my life and be aware of the thing that I was doing and connect with Mother Earth and take in the healing energies from the earth.

We do not realize how important it is that we just chill and do what we need to. I knew that I needed to stop the rush of thoughts that I have been getting lately, and all of them are very good thoughts. Thing is, I am very excitable at times, namely when I see that a plan – a dream, a goal, a big fat thing that is of major importance for me- is beginning to show signs of manifesting into the desired thing that I intended, and it is at this point doing just that. SO rather than trippin’ out and becoming afraid of FINALLY seeing one of my ventures to completion and see to it that my time and my care and my Love and my effort toward it all and knowing that this is meant to be like this, I chose to walk in the grass, barefooted, and any Pisces will appreciate the idea that since it is that we are ruled by our feet, it makes sense that it is through our feet that we will best understand the message that is from the multitudes of Angels and Spirit that is rest, is Love, is the All that Is.

We forget that we are here for a Divine purpose, and we forget that even as we are in these newly evolved bodies and this newly evolving thought process, that we are still human beings prone to the uglies that can come from our lives. We forget that when things seem to be so very much and when it all, good or other than good, begins to creep up on us that we do not have to do everything right this minute. We do not have to make these things and these goals and all this stuff we want to see happen, happen right at this time. If we are grounded enough and have one foot in reality and the other entrenched in our own Sacred Nature and we know that there will be things that we have to do in order to see to it that a thing manifests, we will be able to better handle all that we have coming to us and we will also be able better to have a sense of completion long before the task and the physical parts of all of this have been completed.


Ultimately, the thing that walking barefoot in the grass…or like one person in my tribe did – mowed his lawn, and another did…she runs with her dog…in wintertime…in Wisconsin…no matter what it is that you know you need to do, when the time comes for anyone of us to have a need to go within and we cannot find that one thing or that one moment in which to do that, we can always go outside the thing that someone else suggested and do what comes naturally.

Some people would rather not be barefoot in the grass. They would prefer to be busy doing something that just sucks to have to do and will do it because it is the mental activity happening while doing this busy work that on its surface appears to be boring but underneath the boredom is actually a chill factor happening. Some people need the breeze on their face while they stand in the grass. Some people need their animal companions with them as they race against their own selves and their own thoughts and in that time that they are also racing with their dog they are also coming up with a conclusion to a situation, or perhaps they are simply just, in their “nature moment” allowing themselves to no longer sweat it, to no longer remain attached to the outcome they want to see, no longer being bothered by the thing that might have been the most bothersome thing to them.

The things that bother us when we know that good things are coming to our lives is our human propensity toward impatience. And it is not a bad thing to be impatient once in a while, but there are some of us who, like me, needed dearly to learn a little patience about things when thinking in terms of our own Life Path. Yes, everything that we do in our physical lives comes directly from the middle of our Soul. Darkness is from the Soul. Light is from the Soul. Our outer reality is composed of the things thought about and are birthed from the womb of the Soul. When we focus on things that we do not want, and when the thought in our head is of the things that we want and our NOT seeing them manifest is when we need to chill, is when we need to walk barefoot in the grass, need to mow the lawn, run with the dog, climb a mountain…or a wall…do that thing that connects us to the Divine and is inherently our own personal “Chill Factor.”

It is not ever that the things we Desire are not in manifest, but that we want them to be here and now and it is because somehow those things at this time and in our heads are the solution to a problem. While technically that might be the case, the reality that is not so technical is that a lot of us have forgotten that we were taught as kids that we have to wait for the things that we need to make our lives and our purpose come into being. Nothing that we see did not take time, courage, creativity, right thought, and most of all, patience. No one famous was famous overnight. No one lauded for their specific ability in one area of life was lauded the moment that they knew that this thing that they do is what they really ought to be doing – it took patience and a lot of work and a whole, whole lot of walking barefoot in the grass.

There are a whole lot of reasons as to why the things that we want to happen for us take time, and much of it has to do with the idea that we need to be patient because ours is not the only power being used when thinking in terms of manifesting our own lives. We can liken it all to that of birthing babies. It takes time for the baby to grow inside of its mother’s womb, and it takes time for the baby’s mother to prepare herself to become Mama, and it takes time for the baby to be brought into this lifetime through the process of labor and delivery. If we can look at the things and situations in our lives that we are desirous of seeing to fruition as also being the process of our bringing into the world this brand new life for us we will see that greatness is not had by anyone immediately. Greatness takes time and patience, and this, my friends, is not my rule, but that of the Universe.

So go for it! Kick off your shoes, walk barefoot in the grass and know that all is well…you just need to chill…


Reverend Roxanne Cottell is the Kumu Hula and Creator of the Spiritual Hula Program for Women and the Co-Founder of Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui. She is a blogger, book authorchoreographer and Spiritual Adviser. If you would like information about “ROCK your NUPTIALS” Weddings or simply just to contact Roxanne for information about the Spiritual Hula Program for Women or information regarding private hula or Spiritual Guidance sessions with her feel free to send her an email.
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