…with a foot on each side…

…many are with a foot in both worlds…

I hear it everyday.

“I feel so, so…I don’t know…sort of…disconnected, like I am between worlds…”  Well, cupcake, that is not a mistake, at all. And there are not a lot of people who are able to do this and who are also stable in their work with Spirit to be able to deal with the things that they see, that they hear, that they know, and no one tells any one of them that they are perfectly fine feeling this disconnect.

The issue with this is not that no one can deal with having a foot in both worlds but that there are more people who have not learned how to be this way and not make them feel like they are meant for the wacko basket. In fact, a lot of times the reason that people end up in the position that they think and believe themselves crazy is because they are standing in both the world of the physical as well as the world of Spirit and are not aware of it. If you are someone who has practiced the grounding exercises needed to ground yourself and truly know what is happening and know that you must balance your self – NOT both worlds – so that you can adapt to it then you are already ahead of the game.

If you are not?

The World of Spirit is very real

Think back to the time, many of you, when you were in church, and you heard the preacher tell the congregation that the Spirit world is real, is scary, is something that we have to not venture in wanting to know. And this is the energy that many of us have carried with us for a long time. The energy of fear is what makes it seem weird to people who are not thinking about the benefits of this Knowing is, and what happens is that they draw to themselves energies that are not the sort which heal, not the sort which are beneficial, not the sort that most people are aware of and are able to deal with the things that come with that energy, with that not being too sure of what they are sensing and feeling. This is when the “fun” starts.

You see, we are magnetic in nature, and no matter what it is that we think we are doing, always there is another part of the equation that we either do not know or are in denial of. Yes, the world of Spirit can be very intimidating, but at the same time is welcoming, and the worst part is that there are two sides of that world – a Light and a Shadow, and when we are willing to be in the company of people, entertain the thought of people who are not aware of their own Light, it is not untrue that the vibrations and energies and most of all, the darkness of others all comes pushing through. If we are not aware of these energies then we will not know why it is that we feel drained, why we feel sad, why it is that things seem not to be what we want them to be.

It is the darkness that we fear but is also the darkness that we invite into our Souls. Darkness is something that we need for our own balance, but when we are stuck in a mindset that things are meant to be one way and they turn out the opposite way, and we attach ourselves to the loss rather than the lesson, it is not too long after that when we start experiencing things that are not the greatest to deal with, and for the most part, the way that we deal with them is through the depravities that we think are making us feel better and get well when in reality it is the very things that we are embracing as our own that are killing our souls and worse than that…sometimes, we are inviting newer, uglier and nastier energies into our lives through those depravities.

An Oppressive Nature

There have been many conversations between myself and many teachers of Spirit and other students who are learning along with me, sages and old souls, and yes, have been studying the idea that there are people who thrive in the darkness, people who cannot bear to leave it be because they are unfamiliar with the Light which is there and has always been there. They cling to the darkness out of the belief that there should be some darkness to our Light. While this is the truth, the “darkness” is needed, but what they are referring to, at least in my thinking, is NOT the darkness but rather the Shadow. Where we are nice and lovely and wonderful to look at, the shadow side of us asks us if we would not be lovelier with that proper dress showing a little more cleavage and those sensible dress shoes being traded for a pair of hot 4″ high heeled pumps that any 80’s Veteran Chick can claim to still owning. THAT is the shadow side.

The darkness is an entity all of its own, and the darkness is where the things that we do not want to look at hide and it is not until other people come to our lives that we sense and see the darkness that is there that also resides in our own souls, and while we may try to shun it, it sneaks up on us, testing our resolve and making us think that we are something that we are not, and usually the thing that we are going back and forth about is something that we should already be clear on. We should be clear on the idea that we do not want to invite dark energy to our lives, and we should be crystal clear that we will not bother to use these very energies to harm others, because ultimately we will harm ourselves if we have that thought.

When we invite the darkness, we invite the oppression in our lives to be there and to remain there and to be its own manifestation of what is the opposite of the Divine within. The Divine within is what we need to shield ourselves from all that we know is the darkness, and no, it is not the darkness that can be called temptation, and it is not the darkness which can be called an actual “sin” because the darkness IS sin itself. It is big and looming and harsh, unlike our lessons from Spirit which we Know are looming, are harsh, make us hurt and cry but are not ongoing and have the feel to them that it is temporary. The thing that I am writing to you all about right now is not just an ongoing and constant energy, but is one that looms large, dark and ugly, makes us want to do things that we know we are not supposed to and will not be conducive to the growth of our soul and most of all, will feel like we are having the energy of us siphoned from us and we normally do not know what is causing it. We get physically tired from the Shift, but there is a bone deep, almost iron-like grip with the darkness.

When it is that we have invited darkness, it is because we have allowed it to become the thing that we think we are. We all have had thoughts about ourselves that tend to not be the greatest thoughts to have, and most of the time while those thoughts loom and are heavy, they are also the ones that we have the ability to not think about if we are right in the mind and our thinking is also as right. The thing that I am talking about is born into our Souls when we have allowed certain ugly ways of our being to become an actual part of us. This is when there comes a division between the Light and the Dark. Of course, the Light always “wins” out, but sometimes it takes the Light a little more push and when the Light needs to call in back up, we know that something totally else is happening and that we need to actually call in that back up in order for us to see it ourselves.

The easiest way to avoid this sort of thing is NOT to deny it, because that makes it all show up faster. The way to avoid this sort of thing is to remain in the Light in every possible way that any one of us can think to.

I Love You All !!

Reverend Roxanne Cottell is the Kumu Hula and Creator of the Spiritual Hula Program for Women and the Co-Founder of Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui. She is a blogger, book authorchoreographer and Spiritual Adviser. If you would like information about “ROCK your NUPTIALS” Weddings or simply just to contact Roxanne for information about the Spiritual Hula Program for Women or information regarding private hula or Spiritual Guidance sessions with her feel free to send her an email.
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