Hurricanes and Volcanoes and Earthquakes, oh my !!

…you’re supposed to feel this way…

I get LOTS of inquiries everyday about the things in the lives of people that turn life itself onto its head. I get lots of questions about how to avoid these things, but lately I have been getting inquiries as to why these things have happened, and more – how they have happened.

I don’t want anyone to get disheartened about things at the moment. I promise you all that right now you are not the only one going through a lot of weirdness, and I also promise that the weirdness is meant. Some people have no idea of why they feel the way they do about certain things happening in their lives, why they are confused about the way they feel…I am telling you all right now that the message I have received over the last few days and weeks is that this is all normal, that we are right where we all need to be and in accordance to the Path we each have chosen.

Some of us are weird about the way that we cannot see the end of things happening in the manner that we have set out for them to (and it never ends up the way that we thought we wanted it to, ever…it ends up better than we could imagine…seriously…). and some of us are remiss to know that whatever it is that we are looking at, that that – whatever or whoever it is – is who we are, too. Some of us are weird in a way that they think they can see what is happening, but they know that what they are seeing is symbolic more than it is anything else. No matter what it is that is happening, know now that it is meant to be this way.

It is meant to make you crazy with fear, and meant to drive you up a wall with rage. It is meant to make you feel every single little bit of every single bit of every single emotion that you have encountered for a little while now. Things which are logically not even the closest thing to being something that would cause us to have a “duh moment,” confuse the hell out of us. We cannot figure out why it is that we are feeling this myriad of emotions and there are a whole, whole lot of us who are bristling from it all. I have been told that I told people that this Shift was going to be great, but that is not the truth. I said that the Shift would bring great clarity, and that all those things that we still hang onto as our personal truth will be questioned, not by the world, but by our very selves. We will begin to literally be able to see, and most of us have already, the things that are blatantly there, the things that we cannot, even if we had access to a genie in a bottle, look at and see it – no matter what it is – for what it is.

While some things might appear to be what our human thinking wants us to believe it is, most of the time it is just a step in the ladder which leads us to the next level of consciousness. We physically see other people, and we notice what we do, but rarely are we also of the thought that what we are seeing at that moment is the truth of the moment, but not the truth of the energy of the entirety of it all. There is a theme to the lessons that we are each learning on our own, and the collective theme at the moment is “GET A CLUE, PEOPLE!”

Get a Clue, People

Get a clue, folks…if what you are experiencing at this time can be likened to anything weather related, then already you have a little bit of a clue about how to go about things. And when I liken it all to the weather, I mean that there are people who relate their moods and their emotions to things like a hurricane, a volcano, an earthquake, a tsunami, or a windstorm. When we can see ourselves and our own situations being compared to the weather, that tells you right there that you are able to see things in a symbolic manner, and in that symbolic manner you should also be able to address your own concerns. When it is that you are “hit” with the storms in your life, especially now when things are crazy from all of the things brought to us by this Shift in consciousness, rarely will anyone look at the storm as it being Spirit’s way of symbolically asking us how we would get ourselves through a storm or by something brought about to our lives that was not in any of our control but paradoxically was something that our Soul needed to learn.

In my case and in anyone’s who lives in Sunny Southern California…hell, anywhere in Sunny California…we are very skilled in the art of preparing for disasters. We know already that we live in the land of seismic activity, that we are bordered on one side of us by the Pacific Ocean and that all it will take is a gigantic temblor to create a perfectly monumentally huge tsunami. We also are accustomed to heavy rains causing mudslides in our inhabited canyons and valleys, as well as wildfires in the fall. We are very well adapted to the “what if” here in the Golden State, and because of these things – because of the normalcy of this sort of environmental uncertainty, we know we have to be prepared for anything to happen at all, namely and absolutely for sure an earthquake.

In that same light, when we are faced with the changes that seem like they just do not fit our lives at this present time, we must prepare ourselves for the changes that we cannot see ourselves or have not yet happened. We have to be ready to tackle the newness, and newness is always a strange place to be, especially when it comes to things that we asked for, that we end up having in our lives, and that we have, at that time, no idea of why it is there and more than that, no clue as to what we are meant to do with it. We shed the old for the new, are made vulnerable by our own newness, and then one day…

then one day…

Then one day, it is not newness. It is normal, and we are better off at that point, cannot go backwards at that point, and the truth of that much is that unlike the past when you would return to the old instead of trying out the new, you move forward ready to face, not the new truth, but the truth that has always been there and that our ego self would not allow us to see or to grow into. It is not that it has never been there to see, but that we were refusing to see it for what it was at the time, and I am betting that what it was at the time is far removed from what it is at this moment.

When we realize that the crispiness that we are feeling at the moment is loaning credence to the crispiness that we will be able to navigate ourselves out of is also the moment that everything – all the crap and all the heartache and all the stuff that would make us feel like we are meant to be as crispy as a stiff winter wind – we will, at that very moment, see also that what we went through that felt like it dragged on and on was meant to help us shed that which no longer held purpose for us. I do not have a time estimate for you or anyone as to how long our lessons and our learning takes, but I can tell you that when you have evolved, you will know it, and at that moment everything will just make perfect sense.

Yes, there is a time when it all makes perfectly silly sense…and I say silly because that is the way it feels when one realizes that what they were doing through the tears and the pain and the confusion was all meant to bring a person to the point they needed to be at that time so as to further their walking the Path that they have chosen.

…and the Path that we all take…it all leads up to the starting point of the madness brought about by the storms and the heartaches and the tears…it all leads us back to the place where we knew that a change needed to take place. It leads us back there so that we can see with our eyes where we have been, and more, where we never need to revisit again….

Brace yourself for the storm, but do embrace the storm….because sometimes the storm is all you really have…

As Always….

Reverend Roxanne Cottell is the Kumu Hula and Creator of the Spiritual Hula Program for Women and the Co-Founder of Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui. She is a blogger, book authorchoreographer and Spiritual Adviser. If you would like information about “ROCK your NUPTIALS” Weddings or simply just to contact Roxanne for information about the Spiritual Hula Program for Women or information regarding private hula or Spiritual Guidance sessions with her feel free to send her an email.
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