Fly to the Angels…Nice Words about a Woman known and Loved as "Chrissy"

Lest we forget…

It is not often that we lose those we have fond memories with, and this person, the one who I am writing about right now is someone of whom I have fond memories. While it is that there are many people who do not know this person about whom I write at this time, there are those of us who remember her with a grand fondness.

Remembered, with a grand fondness

Her name was Christina, but we all knew her simply as “Chrissy.” There were a few people who felt that she could have been a little more tactful with her words, but that would have taken away from her Spirit and the truth of who she was and who she will always be to me. I always adored her. She was cool and didn’t care what people thought of her. She was rock and roll and she was, underneath the rocker chick exterior, one of the people I recall as being very kind to me.

Chrissy always was kind to me, stood up to this very large …girl…whose name shall remain anonymous because…well, because this is not a writing where I care to get into the idea that I need to remember one part of my youth that was hurtful and that made me cry. No…this part…Chrissy…she was cool. She was cool on every level she needed to be cool, and for all of her coolness, all of her snarky-bad-girl-on-a-mission exterior, there are those of us with whom she carried on like kids are meant to, and I am lucky enough to have been just one such kid.

I did not realize it now but the girl with eyes like a cat was someone who dearly affected my life in a positive way. Chrissy taught me at a young age something that I really needed to know at this time in my life, and at this time in my life I would have been absolutely thrilled to actually hear her say to relax, that maybe we could say something that would raise the eyebrows of people, or do something that would raise both eyebrows…this was just the way that I knew her to be, because this was the way that she was with me. For all of her mouthiness, within her beat a heart of gold, and one which is missed in grand fashion.

We never realize who made an impact in our lives until they are no longer with us, and while it is that the pain is there and the shock is still there, what else is still there are Chrissy‘s three daughters, and everyone knows that a daughter needs her mother. Well, these three daughters have mothers…their aunts and their aunts friends, and of course, they have a grandmother…but they need our help in many ways. The one way that we can all help them is to click on the links – they all go to the same place for the same reason.

If at all you can help the Longress family in any way at all, any amount…5…10…15 dollars…any amount will help them. 

And to whomever it matters, it is because Chrissy was Chrissy that we are all here, even though we are not collectively in the same place at the same time, we are all here, in this thought that we cannot believe that someone who we all knew well and who we grew up with has been taken home to God…because it apparently was time for her to fly home to the angels….we Love You, Sweetie…we Love you…!

“Fly to the angels…Heaven awaits your heart, and Flowers Bloom in Your Name…”

Rest in Perfect Peace, my beautiful Friend, Christina Longress…aloha ‘oe, Chrissy !!

I Love You !!


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