The Storm brought by the Shift

Rather than hide from the Tide…swim in it…

There are a lot of us who chose that we would live our lives from the middle of our Souls, and the thing that makes it so that we – the ones to whom I refer to as being “the weirdos in life”- seem to breeze right on through the throes of the Shift in consciousness is not that we have some sort of magic spell that makes us seem to get through it all with ease, but more that we knew and have anticipated that things would be a little bit …ugh….of a pain in the okole, namely for those of us who had no clue that this thing that we weirdos of the world have referred to as simply and lovingly being “The Shift.”

The Shift

I am a great big fan of this phenomena called “The Shift,” and am so because for a long, long time now it has been that people, through religious fanaticism, humanity has been somewhat…icky. And we have been this way because someone else told us about their truth a long, long time ago and legions of people were bullied and continue to be bullied by other human beings who are unseemly enough to tell any one of us that what is happening is not real, is not gonna make a difference, but those people are here and meant to bring the storms to us. The storms can come in the form of a situation with other people that we cannot see ourselves out of, in which case and at that point it is simply a matter of acceptance, of letting a thing be whatever it is at this point and knowing for sure that the highest best good is what is meant. We have to accept that whatever is going on in any of our lives is meant as the thing that is teaching us what we need to learn so as to move up to the next level in our thinking and eventually, the next level of our Being as well.

Too many people expected that The Shift would be a joyous thing, and in the thoughts and the minds of many an enlightened folk…yes, weirdos like me who knew what to expect, even though many of us were not in tune with the severity…we knew that we would have a LOT to endure and that there was going to be a whole lot that we did not want to look at, that we still do not want to look at, and the longer that the many of us no longer look at the things which have presented themselves, the longer we will be in the throes of that particular thing we need to learn and that thing that is being held onto tightly by our Ego self and NOT by our Soul.

Ego Self

The thing that is happening at this time is simple – we are being called upon to release the whims of the Ego Selves within us to make way for the very whims of the Soul and its purpose. Our Egos have been in control all these years, and we helped in the idea that who we are depended a whole lot on people who are not us, who are not living our lives and who do not really know the real us. On some level all of mankind was told to believe that what other people thought of us was the very truth of us, and the truth of the matter is that who we are is NOT only comprised of our Ego Self.

When we are kids we are TOLD who we are, what we like, what we do not like, who is safe, who is not and on and on and on, and NEVER are we told, at least not at the very youngest age that all of this begins for us, that there is a different way to be, that there is a different way for us to believe, and a different truth of each of us, period. No one ever told me that I am the way that I am – I had to learn about me, and with the help of other people, I did just that. I learned well that which does not serve my grander purpose, and I learned, also, that I do not, just like no one does, have the right to impose what is the truth of me onto others and expect that it also be their Truth, too.

The Ego within us all is evolving, and the things that once were normal to us are no longer normal to us and in many cases insults the very soul within us all, both singly and collectively. If what used to thrill you now leaves you wanting for more, this is not a mistake and there is nothing wrong with you.

You are Shifting.

The Soul Within

The Soul within is not something that is particular to only a few of us – every single one of us has a soul, no matter who it is…even Charles Manson has a soul. It is a dark soul for the most part, but none the less, it is still a soul. It is the soul within us all that makes us want for better, makes us able to see past what the Ego presents, which is the outer part of ourselves, essentially – our game face. It is the soul that makes the persona on the outside come alive.

Without our soul involved we cannot be who we are, and who we are is changing all the time and right now who we are singly is going through a major change and on many levels. Where at one time the things that used to draw you like bees to honey now have begun to repel you like magnets negatively opposing each other. The things that used to make you think that you were not good enough are now the very things that you no longer care about because those things were not conducive to the growth that you needed to go through in order to become who you are right at this moment.

And this part of you, of all of us, is ever changing. The things that you might have been okay with in the past somehow do not make sense to you, and the things that you would not ever dare let anyone know are the truths of you, you are now proverbially shouting it out to whomever will listen. Thing is, just because we are evolving at the rate that we each are, it does not mean that everyone else in our lives is, and this is when and where the Ego self comes in and starts going through all the confusion and all the ickiness that we are currently going through the motions to either evolve from, or are evolving to fit our lives.

It is the Soul’s whims that we are meant to aspire to, and not the machinations and inclinations of the Ego’s. When we accept the fact that we are Souls in Bodies and not only finite bodies, this is when the magic starts, and it is the only magic that is real…the magic that is the evolving self.

You will make it through the Storm, I Promise

While I would LOVE to sit here and write that you can avoid the Shift, you can’t. There are a lot of us who are actively trying hard to not have to look at what serves us and it is a harder thing to do to look at who we were and to let go of that person. To want to be back in that incarnation of our selves is to not care to grow, to not care to listen to the Spirit within, and more, is an insult to your very soul. It is an insult to anyone’s soul to return back to the thing that we used to be for the purposes of being comfortable because of the familiarity which comes with the things we already know.

This is not to say that we have to forget about anything that we have been through, and the thing that most of us forget is that those things that we went through are in the past and that the only way we can go through those things again is to be willing to. SO, the next time it presents itself, and it is something that we have seen already, and that something makes us feel like we have gone back into the past for the simple feeling of familiarity, the best thing that any one of us can do is to become familiar with what is new to us.

What is new to us scares us, because the Ego self wants us to believe that what we want is wrong because it does not serve it or its purposes. When we can balance the whims of both the Ego Self and the Soul we will know then what it means to be truly enlightened, or at least on the way and back on the Path to that state of being. We can no longer bother to not see our own signs, cannot think that if we tweak it here and there that we can still serve our lower self by sacrificing what our higher selves needs us to learn. No matter what it is that we need to learn about a thing, a person, a situation, we are guaranteed to be served that lesson, again, no matter what, and each time that the same lesson is presented will be harder and uglier and will be that way  for no other reason than that we are refusing to learn what the Soul needs to grow and have chosen to pander to the whims of our overblown ego.

You will make it through this storm, I promise. You don’t realize it at this time, and it is as uncomfortable as anything can be, but somehow, within us all, we know that this is meant to be this way. We know that this is not going to be easy – change never is. I liken this time to that of birthing a child, and in a weird sort of way, we are – we are giving birth to the new reality of who we are, and rather than avoid it, we each need to embrace it. Not because someone else told us to, but because we are smart enough to not have to return to the things that we used to be, smart enough to see what it is that we have in ourselves and in our singular sphere of awareness that is new, is the likeness of who we are on the inside and which is permanent.

The Shift carries with it the permanence of Spirit, of that which is right and that which is good and healthy for the growth of our own Souls, both on a singular level as well as collectively. Embrace the Storms you are going through, because just as the storms which bring the possibility of destruction to the land, so, too, are the storms which come to our lives. We can avoid them and find shelter, but eventually we all get tired of being indoors, in the pretend safety that is the Ego self…our Ego self wants us to cry and be afraid. Of course we will cry – growth hurts and makes us look at who we really are right now and allows us to see what it is that we want to acknowledge and change, or more, that we think is still okay and the truth of us.

The Soul wants us to glorify in the tears and know that they are meant to show us that we are growing, that that which once was good and right to us now insults the very soul within us. The soul wants us to grow into our selves and not be scared to be the very highest best that we can be so that we can get out from under the umbrella of the things that we thought kept us safe and know for real that always in the arms of Spirit we are as safe as we are going to be. The Soul wants us to praise the rains as they fall relentlessly and wants us to take off our shoes and splash around in the puddles like the children we have always been.

Eventually we see that the rain is there to serve us, to help us water and till the soil that we are, and eventually the storm that was there gives way to the clarity that is the truth and even when the storms inevitably return to our lives, we know that we are safe and we know that we can get through it all. The Shift has caused us all to take a look at what serves who we have become thus far through it all, and it is a beautiful thing indeed.

Eventually the storms get easier to deal with and eventually we no longer fear the changes….we see the good in the pain and eventually….

…eventually, we take our selves and our Soul outdoors to dance in the rain…unafraid of the lightning and not deterred by the winds.

So get  yourselves out there, right in the thickness of the storm, and dance like you never have before !! I Promise that the only thing that will happen is that you have passed the time in the most gorgeous way you can!

Yes…I Promise…

I Love You All !!


Reverend Roxanne Cottell is the Kumu Hula and Creator of the Spiritual Hula Program for Women and the Co-Founder of Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui. She is a blogger, book authorchoreographer and Spiritual Adviser. If you would like information about “ROCK your NUPTIALS” Weddings or simply just to contact Roxanne for information about the Spiritual Hula Program for Women or information regarding private hula or Spiritual Guidance sessions with her feel free to send her an email.
(c) 2012 Roxanne K. Cottell. All Rights Reserved



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