Well, well, well…

It is hard to believe, to fathom that there are people who we share air and space with who learned NOTHING in terms of Spiritual growth, and nothing in the way of quelling the flames and arrows that the Ego constantly throws our way. 2012 brought to us the very best of the worst of us all, and most of us got it in terms of life and spirit lessons (which led to your growth)…but there are those who just would not bother to learn a thing and THAT is who this post is for specifically. 

You can continue to ignore what it is that is inside of you, and you can keep on thinking that what you are seeing and feeling and knowing that is outside of you is the very truth of you (and to an extent it canbe called your truth because you manifested it into being), or you can, like the rest of the class, pay attention and know NOW that you failed to pay attention the first time these lessons came to your awareness, and that was a long, LONG time ago…no- not months, perhaps years, yes…but the ugly reality is that it has been DECADES that you have CHOSEN to stay stuck in your own miry ickiness…don’t you think that you are STILL in the mindset that you were a few months ago is FOR A REASON????

Probably not, because you are not willing to see your signs and know that you are being given a make-up test and if you want to stay stuck in high school then that is up to you, but the rest of us have already chosen to continue to get our learn on and we are not waiting for anyone to catch up – that is what the process of this thing called “The Shift” has been all about, has brought to us all, and unfortunately, just as there are many who DID NOT FAIL but learned all the harsh lessons they were meant to, there are still many, many who are floundering in their own miry ickiness. Lucky for those of you who shunned your lessons, there are people on the planet who are meant to help you get back on the Path so that you can become all you are meant to become.

Yes. I am chewing your okole out right now !! How can you choose to stay blind?

Even though there are a WHOLE LOT of people who have learned what they did, there are a lot who have refused to learn, thinking that they are giving up something that they love – which, they do Love whatever it is – but which is not serving their higher purpose. The thing that I learned the best and the most is that I cannot have my way all the time, and that is a hard thing to happen for someone like me who is totally accustomed to getting her way, all the time. I learned that I cannot have a big fat 43 year old sized tantrum because I am so much more effective when I THINK first before I bother to say a word, write a word, and in some cases, even think a word. The other thing that I learned is that I am in no way NOT all that I have known me to be for a very, very long time, and well, it is nice being me…hard, sometimes, but quite Lovely and Awesome in the way that not a whole lot else, at least to me and how I feel anymore, is.

There are a whole lot of things that can render a person …I don’t know…my girl, Vel-Danielle Gambrell, otherwise known as “The Gypsy Reverend,” and I went through a whole lot in a short time, and we lived through it all, learned what he needed to, and now here we each are, sorta brand new and shiny like the diamonds birthed from the coal they came from. It is not that hard to actually change. What is hard is the learning, is the lessons, because it is in the learning and the lessons that we actually go through the kind of hands-on training that all those who desire marked change in their lives end up going through. What no one realizes is that they never have to go through those things again because they learned so well from the last hard lesson they learned. Dani and I were no longer willing to be Spiritually Constipated, and while we joke a whole lot about the things that we do for our pay, the truth of it all is that based solely on what we have seen from a Facebook perspective, our work is SO not done.

In fact, it has only just begun.

Spiritual Constipation

There are a lot of people who will not ever admit to being physically constipated, but there is an inordinate number of people who rather like being in the energy of feeling like something is ‘stuck,’ and they are not just ‘on it’ in terms of their being stuck in some measure, but they are so on it that it is a wonder to me that they do not just accept the way that things are at present time. That is the beauty of growing up in a Spiritual sort of way – you get to that point where it seems there is nothing that you can look forward to, namely when what it is that you think you are getting yourself into is something that might look like something from the past, but it isn’t. In fact, it SO is not, and a whole lot of people have not even bothered to try to figure this much out.

It is because of the old adage way of thinking that it is easier to remain with the devil you know versus the one that you don’t. In this case, it is not the devil but the demons from the past which keep on knock-knock-knockin’ on your own version of Heaven’s Door (couldn’t help it…gotta be me!). Do not forget that you are who created the reality that you are either glad to be in or, on the other side of that gladness, decidedly feeling like you are stuck in. You have chosen it this way, and this is the reason why it is that you seem to think that you are inextricably stuck in the miry goo called “your life.”

Humans are funny. We want change, but we do not want to be the one to do the changing. I saw this in full effect over the last three weeks, during the time that we were all collectively in the middle of this big fat ugly harsh shift that we all went through. Most folks thought it was just the holiday blues, but the truth is that this past holiday season was way more ‘bluesy” than have been many in the past. It was far harder to deal with, not only because of the idea that we have all been thinking for the entirety of our lives (that Christmas time is meant to be about families and not about black Friday sales…duh…) but more because of the fact that we all were in the middle of the Shift. We were all sort of downloaded, and some of us are way more intuitive than we were just two weeks ago, more if us are way, way more psychic than we were just one week ago, and ALL OF US are starting to be more aware of the people in our lives and just exactly who they are to us and why they are part of our greater, and in some cases, permanent, awareness. The Shift brought with it a better, more clearer understanding of who we are on our own and more, who we are in the company of, others who were too stubborn to believe that what that long-haired party-chick who lives down the street told them would happen…and happen, it did!!

“I don’t wanna go off on a rant here…” (Thank you Dennis Miller!)

No, really, I don’t, but I think I may end up doing just that – ranting like a lunatic who is just beside herself with the way that people – many, many people – think that they are just perfectly fine as they are. I promise you that no, you are not. You are not fine as you are if you want things in your life to be different. This is not my rule, neither my way, and all of us know well what I am going to whisper next. (…that it is the law of the Universe….ssshhhh…)

You are not fine as you are, even though that is what you want to believe, and you are not fine as you are because you could be a whole lot finer, in more ways than one, and yes, even physically (trust me…). You are not okay in the manner that you are at the moment, but that is not for me, a healer and Spiritual Practitioner, to drill into your head even though that is exactly what I am doing at this moment – it might not be cool of me and might not be exactly the total right thing to do and to say to a whole lot of ailing Souls, but like any good teacher will do, when it comes to their charges, and those charges do not learn, teacher becomes upset.

The teacher in me is upset at the students who sought the help of people like myself and thought that what we taught you all was going to sink in. What you wanted was a quick fix – not what you needed, which was to learn your Spiritual lessons and evolve, through the pain, through acceptance and letting go, and on the nicer and lots more fun side of things, the things and people who you welcomed into your life. The idea that what I taught you – what anyone taught you – was a waste of your time was not a waste of your time, was never a waste of our time, because folks like me see the world and the life which is in the world as our great big laboratory where we are given the chance to stretch ourselves through other people. Other people mirror who we are, yes, even the ugly things that we are that we do not want to face up to, and when it was that I showed up, or you showed up into my life, it was at that point where you automatically should have realized that if you felt trepidation, or perhaps it was joy…I don’t know – THAT was when your Soul’s lessons in evolution began.

We mere humans cannot call when we are ready to learn – Spirit only knows that much, and you were not willing to learn even as you were ready. You are still ready, but you are so blinded by your own ego that your Soul can barely breathe. I am a healer, not an ER doctor, and the sort of healing that I do is not the kind that remedies laziness, at least not through my hand. There is no magic spell (that will last, that is) which can fix your ailing soul, because even as I and others like me are here to help illuminate the darkness through the measures of healing that we bring to the lives of those who call on us, there are some who seek our help who do so with the intention that this “voodoo lady” (“witch doctor is another one that is SO not the truth and is VERY offensive to folks like myself)  is going to come to your life and POOF!! your issues are solved!

Nope! That is SO not how this works. When you seek the help and the advice of a healer who did not go through the best medical training money can buy, you are calling on the Angelic Realms, and while we are all able to contact the Angelic Realm, there are some of us who are able to speak to them, to access that part of Life, and who are ready and willing to help you as much as we can…the rest is yours and up to you! You have got to want to heal and healing only comes through the getting rid of things and people who no longer are useful to your learning. You can’t depend on anything outside your self to do that, because it is you who is keeping your Spirit and Soul heavy with the weight of your own other-than-right thinking. With that kind of thinking it is no wonder that you cannot see or feel the difference, because there is no difference other than your start date for basic training, if you will…

…so…without further ado…

Welcome to Boot Camp !! It won’t be easy, and yes, I will be right here to listen, to advise, and in some cases, even do things for those who are in need of some clarity…but what I cannot do, you must do for you and on your own…otherwise…well…ten hut !! Let’s go !!

If you don’t learn this time, then there is a lot more than meets the eyes…all of them…including the Soul’s…and what it might take at that point is someone to literally come and exorcise your demons, or maybe you need to hit up my friend, the clinical “physichiatrist”…so that he can help you exorcise those pesky little demons in your mind that you seem to believe love you more than the Angelic Realm does…just sayin’.

There is never a time in our lives that we are not able to aid in our own healing. Stop being a lazy Soul already and get up and get your okoles in gear…basic training has begun…(yeesh!)…again!!

Wow Lau Lau !!

None the less!!

Reverend Roxanne Cottell is the Kumu Hula and Creator of the Spiritual Hula Program for Women and the Co-Founder of Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui. She is a blogger, book authorchoreographer and Spiritual Adviser. If you would like information about “ROCK your NUPTIALS” Weddings or simply just to contact Roxanne for information about the Spiritual Hula Program for Women or information regarding private hula or Spiritual Guidance sessions with her feel free to send her an email.
(c) 2012 Roxanne K. Cottell. All Rights Reserved


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