…one more thought for the year…

The One

Well…here we are, the end of 2012. This is the last blog post of a very, very tough last twelve months. ALL of us went through a whole lot of change, and here we are, alive and well and breathing.

Take a look around you and recognize that you created the life that you have right now, and that, too, what is not there anymore is with purpose. You are different. Every moment we are all evolving and all becoming what and who we are each and collectively meant to be. We are One. We have always been One, but it took mankind all the way til Now to figure this out. We figured out a whole lot, too, but the thing that we all figured out was that no matter what, whatever is meant to happen is just going to. We collectively came to the conclusion that maybe if we just accepted things as they are, the things that we think are out of our reach are not really out of our reach but rather on their way to us. We are different. All of us. We think differently and because we think different we also behave differently and it is a blessing for some while a challenge for others. Yet it all remains that we are all markedly different right at this moment than any one of us thought we would be at this point.

We have bothered to care about who is in our lives, and we have become wholly and completely interested in the lives of other people, and suddenly and without warning strangers are becoming closer to us than our own blood relations and it is a beautiful, beautiful thing indeed…we are becoming collectively The One.

We are Becoming The One. The One Soul, and The One Heartbeat of Humankind.

Whatever it is that you are labeling, or maybe you think someone else is labeling, there is no need to call anything what it isn’t. There is nothing restricting us from having all that we want in our lives, and we are all shedding the remnants of who we used to be, yes, even just yesterday.

So give yourselves a break already, and really think about where you have been and what you have done and realize that all you went through and all that you no longer have was meant to bring you to this place and this point in your life and that at all times, no matter what any one of us thinks, what is happening is meant to be happening, and yes, you are learning something from it all.

Cherish each other, and put yourselves in other peoples’ shoes, just for a moment, and see for yourself that you are them and they are you and that maybe we are all in this together. We were never not all in this together.

Maybe now we will believe it.

Aloha ‘oe 2012 …

Hele Mai 2013 !!! Hauoli Makahiki Hou !!!



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