The Creation of the most Elegant of Warriors

Be Elegant, even in the heat of battle

“Nothing suffocates you more than the passing of everyday human events
Isolation is the oxygen mask you make your children breathe in to survive…” 

(Marilyn Manson, “Fight Song”)

Take a look around you. Listen. Feel the things that are in flux right now and you will all know and see and believe that there is a whole lot of change taking place and unfortunately, there are a lot of people among us who are clueless to it all. Worse than that, there are those among us who are still pandering to their lower energies when they are called to bring into awareness the demons which they still battle.
Yet, the world is not yet filled with the kind of Warrior that is needed for this particular front, and this particular front is not the sort which can be fought on the physical plane. No, no…this battle is with our very selves in relation to other people. You see, we are all still so worried about what everyone else thinks of us, so worried about getting the “one up” on the people in our lives, and more than that, the majority of these people who are clueless are clueless by choice. They feel the changes, can see the unfolding of things are they are starting to be, and they are scared. Rather than adapt, rather than see where it is that they are responsible for how their lives have turned out at this point, rather than see how their words and actions have affected others and rather than see the complete truth from all sides, they choose, still, to remain unaware.
They are terrified and they are this way because for the first time in their lives they are witnessing change and it is not change that is coming from any government entity and not change that is anywhere else other than on the plane of consciousness. When it comes to battling on the physical front there is just something about the nature of humankind that tells the entirety of us that we need to go back to the old way of fighting, but the old way of anything right now will not do. In fact, the reason why there is such turmoil at this time is because of those very ways being, not only challenged, but done away with, and it is we, the Elegant Warriors of Spirit, who are at the forefront of things, and those who would rather fight with might than with Spirit are confused as to why things are not the way they have always been. 
People are afraid that their might is not enough, and the truth is that their might is not what is needed. For so long now we have been a surly bunch, ready to take on the planet and all of her beauty and we have been ready to pound the stuffing out of other people over pride, but it is our prideful ways that brought us here. It is no longer time for us to come up against one another, no longer the time for us to be in the ways that we were brought up to be. Now, guys, is the time where we must rise up and take a stand for the Warrior who defends without damaging and who balances out things rather than takes sides. Now is the time when Spirit is telling us all to do what we were meant to do and Be all that we are meant as. Now…now we are being called, not to do further damage, but to help heal the collective broken heart of the entirety of humankind. We have come up against one another for so long that it seems like it is normal. It is not normal.
We are meant as a lot more than just being those who would come up against our own Tribe and hurt them and make them feel every bit of the things that many among us do not want to deal with. Right now, the battlefront is Our Very Selves, and our opponent is the same. We have been fighting against ourselves for so long now that it seems normal to us to make each other hurt and cry and seem normal to us to feel the victor with each tear that falls from another’s eyes. We have been, for too long now, more inclined to see the sins and not the sinner, too long we have pandered to the lower energies of our very selves, the very energies which tell us that we are not good enough, that we will protect ourselves with the most disgusting ways Spiritually that the masses can think of, and we have excused ourselves for those ways of being for so long now that when we think about the things that we believe to be right about the way we do things – yes, myself included – we believe that our being forthcoming with our issues to others is the only part that matters. The truth is that when we see in others the very beauty that is our selves, we also must develop the knowing that the things we see in them that are not so pleasant are also ours…never forget that we are mirrors to one another.
That which you see in your brother also lives in you. That which lives within your sister, also yours. That which is the collective awareness of negativity belongs to us all, because we all had part in creating it. Yet, not all of us knows how to correct it. This is where we, the Spirit Warriors, come into the picture and where we are being given a measure of our own prowess as healers, not only of the world which we share, but the worlds which are singularly ours and more, the world which is within us each. Where we battle the feeling of not being enough, not having enough, of pandering to the things that soothe our Ego’s aches and fears through whatever means…this is where we must fight, where we must battle, one more time, and this time, it counts. This time it counts more than it ever has in the past, and this time it counts because the very world depends on our all being able to be the very highest, best we can manage to be.
Where we feel there is lack we will find our abundance, because we can look at it all differently now. Where we are afraid, we are being called to face the demon and to lock the monsters in the cage of fear. Where we know that we are wrong, where it is that our Spirits suffer from depravity, from anger, hatred, a lack of Love of Self and others…these are the places where, right at this moment, we are being challenged to change about ourselves. We have to change. HAVE TO…if we expect things in our lives to be different, and we desire that we should have all the goodness of all that there is available to us in this lifetime, and we want for those closest to us to also have all the goodness that they are calling into their lives, things…we…must change. 
We must change the idea that we are not good enough and that we need more than what we have, because in thinking that you need more than what you have, you are telling Spirit that what was done for you and given to you was not enough and that Spirit screwed up. I am sorry, but Spirit never screws up. Spirit never leads us the wrong way. We just keep going the way that brings us back to square one, and square one is where none of us cares to be right now because square one sucks okole. 
We have been given the tools, have been endowed with the Beautfulness that is the Strength of the Soul, and it is our very birthright. We do Spirit no favors by making sure that we have “more” of the things that make us feel like we think things are, and we insult the very soul within us each when we take a look at who we are and think that the truth of us is as it is on the outside. We think that the truth of us is how others see us, but the truth of us is that we can no longer bear to be the witness to the damages that we have allowed, that we have allowed others to do to us, and we are at the crossroads of choice and of change and there are a whole lot of us who stand clueless, who willingly go headlong into the battles with their egos when in fact it is the very Elegant Warrior, the very Spirit whose time it is to be seen, and NOT the ego.
We have spent lifetimes allowing what our physical selves think they need to do the speaking for us, and we have not even touched the surface in terms of the pushing and pulling of the energies which reside within us that tells us to be unafraid, to venture where it is that the heart cares to and more, to do there what is needed versus shunning it for the whims of the ego which has become so overloaded with the things and ways of being which are subservient in nature, which do us more damage than we want to believe it does because that is just the way we have believed things to be so that is how they must apparently remain.
Do yourselves a favor – take a look at the things that hurt you, and know that what you got from those things and those people are the things that made you want to cover yourself and made you do things according to the ego which always tells us that we need more, that what we have that is ours is not good enough, that what we have that is available to us and at our very whim for the asking is somehow just plain old not enough. For the entirety of my life I have been witness, cause to and yes, of course, made to survive the constant and consistent insulting of my own Soul, which caused insult to the very Soul of Humanity and which is also the very Soul which I was brought to this Lifetime to help heal. 
Look at everything in your life and know now that even though it hurt you, it also made you stronger. Take a look at the people in your life at present, and know that they were brought to you for the purposes of helping you learn what is the very truth of you. 
Most of all, take a look in the mirror and see to it that the person reflected back at you is in process.
Learn to be the Elegant Spirit Warriors that we are all being called to Be right now…don’t be afraid of the changes, afraid of shedding all that you thought you were, because just like a diamond cannot be had without the protection of the coal, so, too, can the Elegant Warrior within rear their head to face another battle, and this time, that battle counts, more than you know. 
Be Shiny like the diamonds hidden in the coal. Fight this battle but not on the front that it is you against the world, but you against the demons and the monsters who we have each and all allowed to live as long as we have…
I Love You All !!
Reverend Roxanne Cottell is the Kumu Hula and Creator of the Spiritual Hula Program for Women and the Co-Founder of Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui. She is a blogger, book authorchoreographer and Spiritual Adviser. If you would like information about “ROCK your NUPTIALS” Weddings or simply just to contact Roxanne for information about the Spiritual Hula Program for Women or information regarding private hula or Spiritual Guidance sessions with her feel free to send her an email.
(c) 2012 Roxanne K. Cottell. All Rights Reserved

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