Hey…Soul Sisters…yeah…I’m talkin’ to You!!

Cry, cry, Baby…

Let us call today a very energetically strange day. Today I woke up with the thing that ate my brain for hours last night. If there is ever anything that anyone does not want to do it is go through yet another day of having someone who lives in the house with you attack you verbally, say unkind and untrue things to you about you, and tell you that basically, they hate the very sight of you at this moment. While I am sure that the person who said these things to me did as an unenlightened person will do believes that today I am still angry with them for having said what they did, I am not. I am upset, a little tiny bit hurt but outside of that I am good.

I am good because in that small exchange I was given the gift of something that I am sure I never really had for the majority of my life, and that one thing is respect. While I was growing up the running theme of how we were treated always hinged on how much we could be controlled. This is the way that I see it now. When I was a kid it was normal, and the thing is…I ain’t a kid anymore, and things we did when we were children, while some of us still do those things, the most of us are not those scared and bullied little kids anymore. We are now older, more aware Wise Ones who have become weary of the people who used to be the adults in our lives still seeing us as little kids and still treating us as though we are not going to claim the respect that is ours to have and to claim by this point in our lives.

Needless to say, over this event, I ended up in tears.

…but…again..needless to say…it will not happen again. It will not happen again because today I woke up, the first picture in my head that of a Western Diamond Back Rattlesnake, and then I heard the shells I have wrapped around my left wrist clicking together in unison as though I were to greet the day like that of the Rattlesnake, where even as it is the winter time, this snake, she still sheds her skin.

She still sheds her layers, of tears, first, of hurt and anguish and of rage and the indignities suffered for things that she never did, never was, never said, and for the first time, she was ready and willing to let it shake…rattle…and roll…

Ladies, I am speaking again to you, this time, though, is different. This time I want you all to know that at this time in your lives there is a marked change happening. You have to prepare yourselves for the things ahead of you, because whether the world wants to believe it or not, the world is returning to a more amicable way- the way of the Mother, the way of the Matriarch, of the Kahuna Ali’i Wahine among us, of the Wise Ones and of the grand and glorious Feminine Divine.

Claim your birthright, my Sisters, and stand proudly in the idea that you are here with purpose, that your life is a testament to the death and the rebirth, not of only the globe, but the entirety of our very selves. Take a look in that mirror that you have been ignoring for so long now that you realize that it was not the mirror that you were ignoring but it was the person you thought you were. There came a day when you looked into that mirror and into your own eyes and saw for the first time in a long, long time, the beauty that is there, that has always been there, and you cried.

I cried.
We cried.

Think for a moment about those tears and about what they did for you, and think, too, about just how big that weight was and how much was lifted from you through them. Think. Think about the way you felt right before they fell, and then about how you felt almost immediately afterward…and now realize the transformation, and think about how you wished and hoped that something would change, and while you meant on the outside, it was on the inside that it took place, where it most needed to happen.

Now think about that before crying part…now after…now really think about how you felt that made you cry, and how now, you are empowered by that time you had, in a mess of tears, at any time at all over the last twelve months, and about what it was that you cried about, and what it was that you cried about recently, and know now that you have grown. You have grown because what bothered you six months ago is now smaller, somehow, but what bothered you recently had to do with stuff about your blood relations and yes, while it was also in the daily horoscopes – we all read them – this is not about the things that happened generally.

No no, folks…this is meant to make you think on your own singular and personal level, and I promise you that if you have not yet cried, you will be crying…soon…here we go…

Think about what made you cry yesterday. I know EXACTLY what it was, and it was spawned by a blood tie – a close blood tie – and it had…HAD…the flavor of “never speaking to that guy again, ever…” Yet, before I made the choice to walk away, send a text, take a walk, create something, and then decide to go in to my Sacred Space, that really was the thought, but it was not the thought about the guy, really, but more, about the way that I have allowed people to treat me for the entirety of my life.

Then I woke up to the sun streaming through the window, hitting me in the face and not bothering me at all. It just made me wake up…and by wake up, I mean in a lot more ways than only one.

Expect Miracles. For every tear you have cried, and every person who is no longer in your life, and every little thing that you have cried about, expect a Miracle. Expect a Miracle because I know your heart cannot NOT expect one…you have been through so much, and you should be proud of yourself, because you did it! You made it. I don’t know what it was that you did, or made it from, but I know it. I feel it collectively.

Collectively we made choices, and collectively we looked at our demons and told them to go f*ck themselves, and collectively we assigned a newness to this ….collectively felt stuff….that we are all in the middle of. We all are in Process, at this moment in time, and it is awesome. The things that should have broken us did not. The things that made us afraid, do not make us tremble, and it is because of that blessed numbness which comes with so much pain and collective anguish.

To my Tribe, globally, my global Sisters, collectively, you are…we are..the very example of Mother Earth. STOP pining for what is not there. You have grown.

Y’all ain’t little girls anymore. Put on your big girl panties…walk around in them and see how it feels…haha!

Now…how’s THAT for a visual?? *Laughing hysterically*

I Love You All !



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