For my Global Sisterhood Who Need to Get A Clue…one for the Guys !

It’s is time to wake up, Ladies…seriously…

I want to tell you a little story…

So, last night I am doing what I do usually on that night…or Tuesday night…or Thursday night…and I walk in the door, say hello, and not but a few minutes later…BANG ! Fireworks, and believe me when I say that there was nothing more that me and my Catty Little Ego wanted to do more than tear this …child…even as she is a fully physically grown adult…a new okole puka.

We shall say that because of this particular and certain company that I keep, there are certain ways of being that are no longer appropriate to employ when dealing with such…people…specifically women people…who are choosing to be stuck in the vibration of their own lower energies. I won’t lie – the truth is that all of the slamming of the doors and the stomping of the feet reminded me of my own self when in certain situations – not but just a year ago, even, but at the same time was pretty impressed with myself in that I said nothing more than what needed to be said. If I chose to let Ego be the “bitch in charge,” there would be BIG problems…big big BIG problems, and well…there is enough of that going on already as it is, enough of the drama caused by women in life, period. It makes me angry to know that in this day and age there is a majority of women who are stuck in the idea that they have to be loud and angry to get their point across, that they have to make a scene to take a truly awesomely chick-ish stand.

Ummm…nope…you don’t…and it would serve you well to NOT have a tantrum, because tantrums are for children, and women raise children…we are not children. I know that there are a lot of you reading this right now who can think of one such person who really, dearly, absolutely needs to do the rest of us chicks a big fat favor and STOP with the antics and the empty-calorie type sugary behavior, because the only thing they are doing is making themselves (and the rest of us, to a point) look really, really bad…or maybe really, really good…I do not know and I really cannot say that I care much beyond the end of this blog post!  So, today’s blog, today’s thought, today’s Mana’o is simply for the majority populace of women on the planet to STOP with the nonsense.

Truly, this is for the guys !!

A Message, not from the Divine, but from me…Reverend Roxie…

You know who you are, those of you who are reading this and thinking to yourselves that you know a lot of women who are just like the one I gave a short description of, and that is her description. This child is all over the place in terms of her energy. I see it all over her – the fear, the confusion, the things that scare the hell out of her, and when I first met her I wanted to try to get to her core. At one time thought I may have. I figured that she might take some sort of Divine Guidance from what it was that was imparted to her. This is a child who is a woman’s physical self and who has no idea the difference between what it means to be powerful and what it means to be powerfully and egotistically arrogant – and yes, I can say that because I was that. While I try hard not to judge, people like this one person in particular tend to make that part of my shadow side…the one to whom only the vision of a Shark and the word “Ka’ahupahau” come to mind.

While I would love to sit here and lambaste her specifically, I will not, because what she and those like her need is not only to be chewed out, not only to be given yet another reason and another person to tell her what is wrong with her (even though her entirety of being seems to be that of striking out at others first to hurt them and protect her Self…good try, Cookie…it will take more than you and your mouth, honey…first clue you should have is to know thy opponent…and all you know is my name, princess…) and really, what she needs is Mama Energy, not only from within her Self, but from the world at large. In fact, there are a LOT of women on this planet – women even 20 or 30 years my senior…and I am gonna be 43 in three months – who BADLY need to check themselves before they further wreck themselves…yeesh!

Too many of us believe that the world of men is the enemy, but it isn’t. Men are just being men, and we think we are being women when we believe that we can tell them what to do and that they will bend to our every whim. I am sorry, ladies, but that is not a man – that is but a doormat. What you want in your life are MEN, not little boys, not a doormat who will cater to your every wish because your every wish is not your truth, is not the depth and neither the very Desires of your Soul. If what you want is a doormat, go to Lowes. You want men to treat you like you are equal to them but you want them to be equally subservient as much as you like to think of yourselves as being equal in terms of who is in charge. NO ONE is in charge, because we share space with the men of the planet, and if the men in your life are treating you with disrespect you really need to think about what it is that you are going to do about it or should already have done about it LONG before you find yourselves in a situation which you think you have control of. Do not forget that EVERYONE in our lives is a mirror, and you need to think about what your mirrors are telling you. My mirrors, Cookie Loves, are telling me wonderfully magnificent things that are the very truth of my very Divine Feminine Nature…you should experience this, but you cannot see past the bigness of the Ego that you think is protecting you when all it is really doing is making you look like a damned fool.

No, really….big ole dummy…

You do not like being controlled, being told what to do, being thought of as stupid, as less-than, as anything other than the Divinely and Spiritually endowed creatures that we ALL are, and you are making it a challenge for those of us who have chosen to rise above the plane of the Ego and who have chosen to walk the Way of the Goddess, have chosen to see past the fears in men that they have about women, and you have chosen to remain as you are – the very definition of what a man DOES NOT WANT in his life- in ANY capacity, and if you don’t believe me – ask one of them. They will be very honest with you if you tell them to be, and lots of you have chosen to take what they have to say as them being “stupid males” when in fact the reality is that you…YOU have made it so that these men are stupid…but they are only stupid around YOU !!! You want to play a man as though he is some how foolish enough to lower himself to your energies, and then you get mad at them all when you find yourselves used like so many times in the past.

The company which you keep tells a lot about who you are, and you want to not see yourselves in the people who you pass judgement on, the people who have tried to help you, and you behave as though you are owed that help. You are not owed and neither entitled a thing, ever…it takes work to be the Goddess you are meant to be…I know this personally. It is a daily practice for me and is the thing by which I earn my keep. Y’all need to reach deep inside and see where it is that your own Goddess cries and deal with her, not with the people who you think are there and in servitude to YOU! Until you stop thinking that really you are somehow not good enough for the world and until you learn that there is a difference between being good enough and being good at being you, you will NEVER realize the Goddess Path because no Goddess is an egotistical being. No Woman who is a True Goddess needs anyone to fear her. A Goddess is as a Goddess does, and right now there are a lot of you pandering to the Goddess of Poor Lil’ Ole Me…please, ladies…quit already!

Y’all need to do yourselves a favor and again…check yourselves before you wreck yourselves and understand that not all men are pigs, not all men are stupid, are out to use women, and that you do not have the right to think of them in such a manner and expect them to act as though the ground upon which you stand is holy (even though it is…but that is for another blog post), is meant to be thought of as such…but the problem is not that THEY do not think the world of you, but more, that you truly do NOT. You see, baby girls, who you are is what you give to the world, whether you like to think so or not, and who you are is reflected in the people with whom you hang the most. You are given privilege to see inside of a man’s soul when he allows you into his life, and too many of you out there in the great big world believe what you see on television, that what the Kardashians have is somehow what you will have, too, and that you are going to find a man to give that to you.

How about this one, Cookie…how about YOU take your silly self to the nearest body of water, ponder it, realize that the person looking back at you and who is judging you the harshest IS YOU and once you can get past the reflection of the face and look deeply into the eyes of that same person staring back at you and see there just how important you really are? Why do you want to continue to take your Sacred Nature and pander it out as though somehow doing so is going to raise who you are and also make the man who you tried to make look the fool also be raised? Are you sure? Are you serious? Don’t you want better for yourself? Do you not see the special Flame that is there, that is all of the Feminine Divine and why, why, WHY are you so interested in trying to make the men in your lives look like fools when all they really want to do is see the best in you? Are you sure that a man only wants a woman for one thing? Are you sure they are not also thinking and feeling creatures and are you positive that they all cannot be trusted because silly ridiculous you went out into the great big world and decided all on your own that somehow you had more in terms of thinking power than any man you have ever known? Cookie, darling Cookies of the World…I hate to burst your egotistical bubble…but that is not how a man rolls…yeesh !

Girls it is time, NOW, to NO LONGER BE this egotistical bunch of fools who are more inclined to use that magical body of yours to get yourselves in situations that are fun as hell, but are fun as hell at a price that cannot be tabulated in numbers unless we are talking about the number of angry tears that you have cried and will still cry because you seem to think you know it all. And honey, baby girl, I promise you this much – if you think you know better than others, and you believe that saying anything that you thought might be hurtful and scathing to someone else who shares that gender with you – you need to think again. Women like me are not “one in a million,” but rather and always and will remain to be “once in a lifetime,” and the men who are in the lives of women like me, like the women with whom I hang and with the ones who have a damned clue about the way that the world works IN OUR FAVOR is simply NOT something that you can just have- the men in the lives of women like me are NOT clueless and it is evidenced by the fact that I am..we are… in their lives. (Again…men are not stupid and I am living proof of it)

You have to work for it, and by my own observation, at least one person who immediately comes to mind, that child and those like her will continue to stomp their feet, raise their hell, try hard to make women like me look the fool, but they can’t. They can’t because they cannot think past the idea that who we are is SO far removed from what they think we are that they are not bothering to see that the problem is not women like me, not women with a clue, never the men in our lives, but lil’ ole them in their lil’ ole lives having their lil’ ole tantrums and making lil’ ole themselves look that much more “lil'” and “ole…” 

Take a break from being like Shakespeare’s Shrew and try a little more to be your damned true selves. You will find out that things are easier when YOU make them that way by NOT having a tantrum and by NOT behaving like a 5 year old on a mission for a cookie…and to all of the “Cookies” out there who have a problem with what I have said here Know NOW that my words are meant to be the clue that you all need, at least a small part of the bigger clue, and that if you want to know how to no longer make a scene to take your stand, I am always available…

…and yeah, Cookie…I am VERY good at throwing around the Divine Feminine Light Within…you know the same men I do, at least one of them, and he would tell you that if there is one chick who will leave her impression without saying a word, the one who a whole lot of men love to watch walk away (but truly never leave permanently)…well, just ask him…

He won’t lie to ya…I Promise…but I hope you can handle what he says, because he earned the right as a man to have his say so, and you and women like you need to “get it” in terms of what is Divine and Feminine, and what is just  yet another fine example of what can happen if you choose to pander your souls out like so many like you did…and still do…wanna know how to do that? Follow my lead and I will show you the way.

To the rest of you, Know that it is never Goddess energy that is angry unless it is an angry Goddess which you are calling on for help…rather, it is but the Ego within…the Mama Energy within which prompted me to have the thought in my head that my 14 year old daughter has more in terms of Goddess Energy than, sadly, do many, many 21 year olds…just sayn’



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