The Bridge and what I learned there…

The Bridge…

Okay, so yesterday was Christmas, and normally it is not like me to be away from the people who happen upon my Aunt Bernadette’s house on Christmas Day. Normally my little cousin Drew is there and normally my other little cousin Micah is there but this year, and I am very, very grateful to have seen her, it was Kisha, and always Kisha and I have been Spirit Sisters. It is my own thinking that she was brought into this lifetime for me to have more than only one younger sibling. The same goes for both Drew and Micah. We have that Soul Matched energy of Siblingship, and it is the grandest thing in the world to me.

What else is no secret is that I can only really deal with a lot of people with whom I share DNA for VERY limited amounts of time. I don’t know why this is the truth of me but it is the very and dearest truth of me. Perhaps it is Karmic. Perhaps it is my own fault for not trusting a whole lot of people because a whole lot of people, I realize and accept now, have left me. I have been abandoned by people, or at least that is what it feels like to me, many, many times in my lifetime. Yet, yesterday, as I sat meditating on the bridge in my aunt’s backyard, right there with my oldest child, Jeremy, and his Spirit Twin, A.J., and after I had recited the blessing for whom I was sent there to (because I really was NOT wanting to do anything or go anywhere yesterday …) recite blessings for, I was given a vision, and it was a grand vision that has more than only that one part to it. There is more – lots more – but I have to wait for them…

Many people there yesterday thought that I would be completely and totally drunk, but that did not happen. What happened instead was that I was shown who I am, shown that all the things that have crossed through my mind and all those energies and everything else that has culminated this year of 2012 was meant, was with purpose and yes, indeed, guys, it was meant to throw us out of our comfort zones because that is, more often than not, the way that manifestation and change just is…we always get what we need, what we ask for and we are never really sure how it is all gonna come our way. I know that I am pretty scared, but in a “OMG the BABY IS ON ITS WAY RIGHT NOW!” sorta way, and well, there is not a lot that any of us can do about it, because it is happening to all of us, right at this moment, and the texts and the emails and the chats that I have been working on this morning already tell me that I am not alone in what I was shown.

So, today, guys, I am hoping to give you all these words from Spirit that may or may not comfort you, may or may not give you peace, and may or may not be just what it is that gives you confirmation, gives you a reason to look back, even if only for a moment, and see just where you have been, just this past year of 2012.

Without further ado…here is a message that I am sure we are all waiting to have as ours…do understand, too, that yes, this is my writing but that no, this is not my message. This is a message for the collective soul of us, by the collective Soul of the All that Is…

We all need to stop worrying about what we think we are going to lose. We all need to stop the emotional hoarding, need to stop and smell the roses (or the plumerias) and we need to take a deeper look at who we each are WITHOUT the people in our lives, WITHOUT the people who brought us pain, and we need to see just how far we have come and how their influence has shaped our FEARS. We have held on to these same fearS for so long – and no matter how it …the fear…has manifested itself, it chose to do so these last few days. In and of itself, and whether we all believe it or not, the fear that we have held onto for so long that has recently manifested itself in whatever way it has is there to teach us WHO WE ARE NOT ANYMORE. If you thought for any amount of time that you are JUST what the mirror that you stare at everyday and JUST comprised of that big fat ego of yours, think again. YOU ARE NO LONGER THAT WHICH YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE…so Merry Late Christmas for that!

WE ALL need to STOP THE RUSH TO JUDGMENT, because none of us likes being judged for what and who we are not. We all know that there has been a GIGANTIC change in all of us, both independently as well as collectively, and we have taken too much time to see what the other person and the other people in our lives are NOT. Now we have to do what we can to really think about not just who they are not, but who they are no longer to us. While there was a whole lot revealed to me on that bridge last night, the one thing that stood out the most is that we have fueled our lives in every fashion up to this point from the Ego’s point of view and have not, at least a lot of us, chosen to learn to see with our Sprit’s Eyes.

We each NEED BADLY TO LEARN TO SEE FROM Our Spirit’s Eyes, because what we see with those very eyes and what our Soul KNOWS what it is looking at ALL THE TIME IS THE TRUTH OF US- and we cannot “do” anything to make it be otherwise, because that which we think we are avoiding we are really only putting off, and what we are putting off that comes back to us over and over again is somehow needed, and it is our own human failing as finite bodies that makes us believe that who others are is somehow not a reflection on who we really are. Let me tell you one thing is absolute and sure – all those people who have gone out of your lives, and all those situations, and everything that is no longer there – ALL OF IT AND ALL OF THEM are no longer there because their purpose in our lives is met. To keep it all up in trying to NOT let go is preposterous because we will be wasting our good loving energy on things and situations and people who will continue to no longer be purposeful and instead who will become energy vampires, stealing our good energy from us so that they can make it through their lives.

There is a VERY REAL feel to the energies right now of UNCERTAINTY, and this is because we are all UNCERTAIN about what it is that we see, feel and know, and we are uncertain about it because we are being “cleansed”, in a way, of the toxins that brought us to this higher plane of awareness. If you want to test it out, think about who you were at this time last year and who you are this year and ask yourself if you like who you are now or who you were then. I am telling you that I am very happy with the new and improved version of Me. Happy because this me is stronger, this me is a lot more wily than I was, and this me refuses to suffer fools lightly. This is what I asked for. This is what I wanted. This is who I Am, and this is who I refuse to not be anymore.

YES!! Whatever it is that you see, that you keep seeing, that has bothered you, scared you, enthralled you…whatever…the answer is “YES” and the heavens tell me through the ringing in my ears that yes, it is fine…all systems go…so go for it…

Other than that …carry on, because regardless of what any one of us thinks we want, what we need is what we are being given, because what we want is so, so, so awesome that our human brains cannot think that it is possible that what is going on is real, that what is going on is permanent. Trust it when I tell you, when you are told by others, when you have that little tiny feeling in the middle of your soul that yes, this is yours, this is for you and this is gonna change your life and your way of living…that it is the very truth, not only of me, not only of you all, but us, the world of humankind, as a whole…

Yup…exciting and scary and …wow…all at one time !!
It’s a party right now, guys, complete with drunks, drama and the idea that we all have to wake up eventually…might as well wake up sooner than later is my thinking…

I Love You All !!

(And I am sure that as we get closer to the end of this year that me and Spirit are gonna have a buttload of stuff to tell you all !!!)



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