…the gift I received from Me…

It is not often that I will write anything, do any kind of work at all on Christmas Morning…

…yet here I am, with this magnificent gift that I did not realize was a gift that so dearly I needed this morning. I could sit here and tell you all about the drama that was not mine that I walked right into, and I can sit here and tell you all the details of it all and hear the collective groan that would ensue.

Or, I can do what I have been compelled to since about 3 A.M. …yes, it was enough to make it so that I could not fall asleep. Yes, it stayed in my head and is still in my head and while it was already posted on my Facebook wall, at the Behest of Spirit, I am again posting this beautiful piece of writing that, until last night, I saw as only an exercise in the strengthening of my Soul Gifts.

What was not apparent last night became fully apparent this morning…

There was so much that this piece of writing that I did as an exercise in broadening my own Higher Gifts told me about me, told me about my Circles and more, told me about the idea that I am fine and safe in the Arms of God, that no matter what is happening at this point in my life that I am fine, that all is as it is meant to be, and that on all levels I need to stop, smell the roses, so to speak, look into the eyes of those with whom I spend the very most time with and see myself there, in them, if for nothing else than to know that “…indeed, child, you are well Loved…they Love you…you Know they are your Soul Tribe…I Brought Them All To You So That You Would Know…” and yes, they do Know who they are, and they Know that I love them all, each and every one of them, for simply being real, not only to me, but to their very selves.

It was the thing that I longed for the most – the sight that it would take for me to Know, to See, that I am them, they are me, we are Ohana, and that is not mine but is God’s because it was God Who gifted my Life with them all. While I do not, have not ever felt indebted to anyone, Namely Not God, I indeed feel very blessed, very much as though where I am right at this time in my life is where I am meant to be. Even if I do not like some of the things that I have to learn right now, I know that it is meant, that you cannot break the Cirlce, because the Circle is the Light…I Am the Light…We Are the Light…and while I make the joke of always being a traveler on the Light Fantastic, I Know now that it was never in jest that I have said it, because My Circles have proven that I have been right on it, all along, with the idea that my Circles are what keep me safe, happy and secure…

To All Of You…I Love You…To those who have helped me bring myself to this point, Mahalo…you All mean so very much to me…

” My Circles…”
Roxanne K. Cottell

“I am standing in the center of a large iridescent circle of Light. I am dressed in a pale blue dress. It is long, but not flowing and not even clingy. The Darkness, the Nothingness, is an inky blackness, yet my presence and that of the Circle seem to be just enough light…light that is a pale, pale blue. It is safe and endless. I am comforted by this Light, by this Circle.

I am now the Circle, glowing with the heavenly blueness that is Peace. I surround myself around the Me who is in the Middle of the Circle. I see that my surrounding Light comforts the Me in the Middle and makes the Me in the Middle feel safe and okay with herself, right where she is at, in the Middle of that Heavenly Blue Circle.

I am the Me in the Middle cradled by the Me Who Is the Circle and I am seeing other people and their Circles, and We Are All ourselves in the Middle as much as we are the selves that surround the Me in the Middle. I see that there are those with whom I have formed close and seemingly unbreakable bonds and it is never spoken nor assumed our places in the Circles that are each others’ lives. I find that that whose Circles are most like mine are not the same color at all but we are all of the same Soul Frequency.

I am now looking at my own Circle from the outside, and I find that I am not able to look away because I am amazed at what I see there, and I know that what I see is that my Circle is well-lit and indestructible – Light cannot be destroyed…ever.

It can only expand, grow bigger, and illuminate..

many blessings!!! 

I Love You All !!


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