‘Tis the Season – The Most Important Gift Of All…

“Humankind has not woven the Web of Life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect…”
(Chief Seattle, circa 1854)

I had a hard time falling asleep last night. Things happened that illuminated for me the bigness of everything happening in my life right now, and in a moment’s silence, I felt the contrasting difference between what is real to me, what is not real to me, and more than that, who are the most important people to me. So, with this post, I want it to be known that yes, indeed, this is a grand and beautiful message from Spirit, but it contains things within it which are all my own, and indeed, it is a message that dearly, we all need to have and to Know, because it is a message of great Love, and, too, has contained in it the words of the Kuleana that belongs to each of us.

Do Not Shun Your Kuleana because very simply, it is a gift

“Kuleana” is the Hawaiian word for “responsibility.” There are many of us who, even now, at this time in our history, refuse to believe that we created the mess that we now see, and there are many more of us who believe that what we see in front of us is not able to be corrected. I promise you, my family, that it is able to be remedied, able to be made right, able to be “all pono” and as it should be. We need to get involved in a big way, beginning Now. These are not my words, but that of Spirit, that of the collective heartbeat that was once the collective and mournful heartache of the Grander Collective Soul.

We chose to rob ourselves of the goodness that we are. For many lifetimes we shunned our own gentle nature, and it has cost us more than we know it has, but just as together we made a mess of things, so, too, will it be together that we will repair them. It will take us time and it will take us working together, but more than that, it will take every ounce of Love within us to make things right again, to make ourselves a whole Tribe and more than anything right now we all need dearly to pay strict attention to the very desires of our scarred and battered hearts. We need to convene on the Soul Level. We need to be with each other, not just physically, but more importantly, through our Souls. We need to forge a collective effort to ho’oponopono and make right that which has yet to even itself out, so to speak. We need to make things okay for us all again, and the way that we do that is to simply follow the Path mapped out by our Hearts and our Souls and follow it…follow it all the way to the place within where the monsters can no longer get to you, to the place where the fear is not there, where it is that comfort reigns and most of all, where it is that we Love.

Spirit Words

…and now, a word from the Ultimate Sponsor…

“…take heed, take heed to these words, Na Mamo, the Cherished Ones, the Children of Spirit that You all Are. Do you not know how truly Divine you are? Are you not aware of the Love that you have to offer, that you are meant to share with the entirety of the Global Ohana, of the Soul Tribe that you all are? There is not a whole lot that any of you can do that I will not see as a blessing, as a part of the grander Peace that you are a big part of. 

It is a beautiful thing to see You all as you are…Blessed…Divine…Sacred…Uniquely Important…You each are meant to Love one another, and while it is that for many, many lifetimes you have chosen war over peace, your Collective Soul has cried out, has given you all much to Learn of one another, and the thing that you learned is the opposite of Love, is the thing that has shed Light on that which makes you different from one another…

You have been taught by your living that you are meant to compete with one another, that you are meant to see that which keeps you all apart, but in the time that you were each busy learning what you are not, there was a part of you each that could feel the Divine, could see within the darkness, that could be looked at and could be looked at through the very eyes of the Soul…could be felt in the heart of Spirit…could be seen with your collective sight…through it all, you managed to bleed out the things that no longer were of good service or good purpose, not in Life, but in your own singular Lives, and you have felt the sting of that which is no longer there for you…you must know that that which hurt you was not “there for You,” but was meant only to teach you who and what you are not. 

You are not a warring Tribe, for you were all created through Love, through the Love that is within for all of Na Mamo, and All of You Are Na Mamo, truly are the Cherished Ones, for it was from the collective mele a ka pu’uwai…the collective song of emotions of the heart that the very entirety of mankind has chosen at this time to come together, and you have chosen to come together at this time to help heal the wounds that so many are still keeping with them. This does not make you safe, the idea that remembering only the hurt that you went through is enough to keep you out of harm’s way…what you went through was meant to teach you, to make you more aware of who you really are, and in the manner which I felt you all would, you all thought you had a better idea…

You are now seeing the grander scheme of things, and in those things you are able to see you, able to see the you which exists in everyman, in everywoman, in the Light of the Soul which is emanated from the beauty that is a child. It looks scary to you, because you are not used to such grand shows of beauty, not used to believing that this is what you have all created, because you all wished for it and made it so. You are the reason for the paradox, for the measure of shared Grace that you have had but a tiny feeling of, a tiny taste of, a tiny portion of. And the reason it is tiny is because you have been so afraid to see what you truly are. 

You are not tiny. You are big and bright, and you fear who you are…do not be afraid. Peer into the Light that is You, that is Yours. Embrace that which you are so markedly afraid of. Be The Light. Go headlong into the Light just as much as you went straightforward into the darkness, into the shadows, and Know that you are the Perfect Example of Love, of Grace, of Hope, of Belief, of Faith, of the All that Is…

Do not fear what and who you are – embrace it. Embrace it because it is you and embrace it because it is the Gift that you each gave to yourselves – the Knowing that you are all here for the greater purpose of Ho’oponopono, of making right that which is other than right. You have made it a point to be horrid to each other, perfect strangers you were until one day you chose to no longer only see just you, no longer to see just what is not you, and you thought that it would be an easy thing to see yourself for real. You found out that no, it is not. It is not easy to see what is you, especially when the You that is real is not the same you that you thought you were. You were never the shell that your physical self tells you that you are. Your physical self is the vehicle, but the real you – that is the testament to the Love that you all hold within you. You have waited for this very perfect moment, for this time in your lives collectively to be the shared Light that you are, that you are together, that you are the very Na Mamo that you all know you are, the very Cherished Ones, the Blessed Ones…. 

It is within your very heart of hearts, the very collective Soul that you are most treasured. Yours is the most infinite of gifts, for it is the gift of intangibility, is the gift that is common among you, even as your lives are markedly different – you are all the same, you are all Na Mamo, you are all Precious. You are All.

You Are All.
You Are All.
You Are All.

You have each been given the gifts of one another and for generations have believed that there was more, but how could there be more when you are all there is? How can there be more when what you all are is infinite, is the very epitome of Aloha, is the reason that you have been brought to this lifetime? You are all so very marvelous, are such perfect examples of the Love that is within, that it is a befuddlement that you cannot see your own Greatness, your own Ability, Your Very Own.

Take heed, Na Mamo, Cherished Ones, that this is the time in your own history that you must…MUST be in the company of those whose lives and purpose are aligned with your own. Know that not all will have the same purpose, but that all have a duty, a Kuleana, not just to each other but to your very own selves, to be the Light, to Lead, to Honor that which is Honorable within..you must know who you are, and the only way to Know is to ponder, to ask, to believe and to honor. Honor one another. No longer is there the need to war, for war is not a measure of the Soul. You must live your life in grand shows of Love, must bother with that which seemed like it was not worth the time and the effort for it is in those smaller things that the bigger things become what they are meant to become. There is nothing that is not important in this lifetime, not for any one of you, and the time is Now to begin to call in those who share sameness with you, to make use of their gifts, as they complement your own.

You are not what you thought you were, but you are very much more than you will ever know…embrace your own Light, your own Love, and give that Light and the Love as though your lives depend on it…because most assuredly, it does…”

To all of you…

I want those of you who reside in the closeness of my very heart and soul that you are so much a grander part of the thing you see as your life, so much more than you know, and I see it. I see all of it.

More than that, I want you all to know that what I see there is a work in progress and that we are all in this together…Know now that you are priceless, that your value to me is much more than all the treasures that this world holds, and that we are the shared Light.

May your day be merry and bright…may you know the truth that is yours…may you always Believe in that which seems so very unbelievable that rather than deny it, you ponder it.

This is the very heart, Soul, Kuleana of Na Mamo…

We are all Na Mamo…we are all The Cherished Ones…

Mele Kalikimaka e Hauoli Makahiki Hou…Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…

I Love You All !!
Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui- A Sisterhood of The Soul


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