‘Tis the Season – The Gift of Lokahi

LOKAHI : Unity. Agreement. Accord. Agreed. In Unity.
(Pukui and Elbert, Pocket Hawaiian Dictionary, (c) 1975)

In a few days we are going to be in the company of people with whom most of us have blood ties. If you are like the rest of the world, then you, like the rest of the world, including me, are one of those people who tend to have nothing in common with a lot of them other than DNA. Yet, this is not the time of year that anyone should be thinking about the division between blood ties. Yet, most of the time, we do.

Again, yes, including me. It is not because we hate them or because of anything other than that, after years of trying to figure them out, we have only come to the point where we have barely begun to figure ourselves out. This is the truth. Of all of us.

It is the reason that, a lot of the time, I won’t stay at one place for too long, and this year is also no exception – I have no intention of staying at the place I normally am on Christmas day and with good cause – my little cousin is in Belize, and without that guy around, and while I ADORE the others, it just will not be the same. Rather than being with a spirit of Lokahi only at one place this year, I intend to share my own Light with others who are not at my aunt’s house.

Yet this is still not the sort of Unity of which I write. The sort of unity that I am talking about is the sort that will raise the entire vibration of the planet and it simply comes down to the act of unity. The act of unity is simply our sharing in fellowship with those we share history, bloodlines, and yes, soul ties with.

Lokahi is Aloha

Being with those we care the most about is Aloha, and thinking in those terms, so, too, is Lokahi. Lokahi brings to us the feeling of belonging. It is not the sort of belonging that is quelled by being the other half of a romance, and it is not the sort of Lokahi that is the protest type, and it is not the kind of Lokahi where we have to put on our game face and face the world in the “us against them” manner.

The sort of Lokahi which I write of is the kind that prompts us to want to be with those we love the most. It makes us wistful for the things that make us human, and we want to be with other people because in them we see our very selves. When it comes to a time like the holidays, there is a whole lot of Lokahi happening, but a lot of the time it is the same ol’ same ol’ – you know what I mean. There is the token angry drunk uncle who fouls things up for us. Then you have the aunt who seems always to want to share their own ailments with us even though the last thing we want to hear is yet one more thing about yet one more person being sick. There are the cousins who have a whole lot in terms of jobs and homes and cars and toys but when it comes to happiness, they are whining all the time about what they don’t have instead of being joyful about what they do have. I know these monsters, because I have been these monsters.

These are the monsters that make us not want to be with people period, and it is time that we changed this about ourselves as a whole. It is time that we took this time in our lives and learned that we are really not the only people on the planet, that we need each other, and that we have got to start learning…or rather…re-learning that we are meant to be with one another and that the survival of the planet and our global family depend on it.

“This Little Light of Mine…” I’m gonna let it light up the world…so, too, should you with yours

I say much of the beauty of our own Soul’s gifts. We are granted the opportunity to be with people, not only for the purposes of Love and Light, but so that we can see in them our very selves. I tend to check myself through the people with whom I spend the most time, and I am honored, elated even, to know that these well-lit Souls are part of my life. Without them there I would not have the gauge by which I trek through the light fantastic called “This Life,” and without them I would not have the markers needed that we all need that show us not only who we are, but more, what we are all about.

I know through those who I am with the most that I am Light, that I am the very Breath of Aloha which I seek, that I am made of all Love, made of all strength, made of the things that take time and heartache to have within me. Yet it is there, and I know it is because of the company I keep. I see it there because I see it in my Soul Tribe, the very tenets of Aloha that I am very keenly aware of that I helped them have, too.

It is with a grandness called Aloha that Lokahi is paired. Without Aloha, there can be no Lokahi. I mean, sure…you can be “together” and “unified” with people for any reason, but they will know when it is not the truth of you, which means that all of us needs badly to really think about it for a minute when we think that we “have to” be with people who insult our Soul, who want to make us feel badly about who we are because we do not measure up to their ideal. How about this year, we each take the time to forget our pride, forget how we feel, not make ridiculous conversation with people we do not bother with for the bulk of the year and try like hell to be good with them so that we can be good to them?

Why not, this year, instead of producing and promoting through our involvement in the drama, try it another way? Why not try it for real, the spreading of your own Light to those who seem to drag their darkness with them wherever they go?

This year, do it differently – instead of joining in the madness that is the darkness…try a little bit of light instead? This year, go about yourselves with the thought in your heads that you are going to spread your light, no matter what and no matter who says what to you, about you, or when you are no longer around? If they react to you the way they always have, just think to yourself how lucky you are to no longer be that way, to no longer be involving yourself in the drama that can be the holiday season. Why bother to add to the hurt when there is so much more to be had in the way of giving your Love to those who so obviously need it because if they didn’t, they would not be willingly showing you where it is that they hurt so much?

This year, be the beacon that sheds light on the world rather than one who will add to the inky darkness that is so prevalent at this time of year?

Why not try it? Why not be the Light that you Are?

Give the gift of Aloha through also giving the gift, through your actions, thoughts, and words, of unity, of Lokahi…pull together this year instead of pulling apart.

You will find out that it hurts a whole lot less to have to give in to the tradition of drama. Start a new one, guys…start one that includes everyone. Practice the art of Lokahi, and include everyone in your Life a part of that Knowing.

Be the Beacon…share your Light!!

I Love You All !!

Reverend Roxanne Cottell is the Kumu Hula and Creator of the Spiritual Hula Program for Women and the Co-Founder of Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui. She is a blogger, book authorchoreographer and Spiritual Adviser. If you would like information about “ROCK your NUPTIALS” Weddings or simply just to contact Roxanne for information about the Spiritual Hula Program for Women or information regarding private hula or Spiritual Guidance sessions with her feel free to send her an email.
(c) 2012 Roxanne K. Cottell. All Rights Reserved


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