‘Tis the Season: The Gift of The Ancients

The Time is Nigh for The Entirety of Us To Claim Our Kuleana

This morning’s Mana’o is something that came to me over the last few days, through all the emotional weight that we have all been carrying singly and collectively. This is a message from the Ancients as they speak through me with these words. Please pay attention, please  auhea wale ana ‘oe – pay attention! Ukali Au! Follow Me ! 

All of us has Ancient roots. There is not one person reading this, not one person living anywhere on the planet, not one person who does not have an Ancient Past which is pregnant with magic, is filled with the Grace and the Light of the Heart and Soul of Humanity. We are all readied, waiting for the things which have thrilled us and scared us at the same time. We are all hungry for the Power that is within each of our Souls, even as we are fearful of that Power. We are all a jumbled mix of confusion, a jumbled mix of elation and terror, and all of us are very, very tired to the point of emotional exhaustion…all of us.

We come from the ‘Aumakua. We are the ‘Aumakua

At this moment we are all being called to relinquish our fears to the Heavens, to let Akua show us how, but in our prideful manner we humans seem to think that there is no other way than our way, and if we would look around us and see the mess that we have made from doing things our way, we would also see that the time is right now that we need to, once again, and hopefully for the last time for a long time, pick up the Shield of Light, the Sword of Truth, and to call upon the ‘Aumakua Who are always with us at all times, and move forward, not looking at our fear, not looking at our pain, but only looking at ourselves as a whole Soul. We are meant to be here with each other, meant to bring to the surface of things the Truth by cutting away that which is no longer the truth of us, no longer that which serves us or our burgeoning graceful nature.

Humankind is weary from the fights that we ourselves have caused. It seems that for many generations we have bothered only to see the truth of us that hurts us, that makes us believe that we are not good enough for the things that have manifested in our lives, and this is not the truth. If it were the truth, all that we each see in our own lives at this present moment would not be ours to claim, and it is a mighty birthright in and of itself. To be who we are at this time in our history as humans is a special time indeed. We must rise to the occasion, because for so many generations we have bothered only with that which was not us, which was not ours, which insulted the very Soul within us all. We have only seen that which we want to see, and still, we insult our Souls. Still we continue to look to the past that hurt us instead of the past which has always empowered us. We look back to the insults, but not the power, and this is the thing that we keep doing, much like a dog returns to its own vomit.

We have barely scratched the surface of our Selves, have barely thought for one moment that these times are the very moments of truth that we all so dearly wished for, and here it is, right before us, and we are a muddled mess, are afraid of our greatness, are scared to death by it, in fact. It should not be this way. We were given the birthright to greatness, given the very keys to the kingdom of Heaven, and we have only tried for that which was the easiest, never thinking that perhaps the thing which is right in front of us is the very thing that was the very wish of the Soul…and for the life of us, we are clueless about what to do with it.

We do with it what we ‘Know’ to, what it is that the ‘Aumakua who came before us did with it, as if it were not meant that we would do something with this all, we would not have it poised and ready. And we need to take it, all of it, because these are the very tools of the beginnings of this time in history, where we will need to be able to see things differently, because just as humankind has evolved, so, too, will those things that we have no idea what to do with. We asked for these things to come to us, and now we look at them as though they are supposed to tell us what we are to do, but that is not giving us proper credit for already knowing what to do with what we have been given, and what we have been given is quite a lot.

We asked for higher knowing, and since Knowledge is limited, we were given Wisdom, for it is Eternal. We asked for the soothing of the broken hearted mess that we have collectively become, and rather than a temporary salve that takes away the pain of our losses, we were given the tools with which also come the words “Physician, Heal Thy Self.” We have been placed with the Tribes, the Ohanas, that we have wished for through the entirety of our own personal eternities and at this time are afraid to look at them because embodied in each other are the very seeds, the very core of the Soul which is us, singly and collectively, and our human brains cannot wrap themselves around the idea that we are who created all of this and that now is when we are meant to employ each of these Soul Granted Wishes to the very best and highest good that we can possibly.

We want so much, and we do not realize and cannot see that all that we asked for is here, is Now, and is ours.

Grab tightly, hold on to your birthright, but allow your heart, soul and your Self their wings. Let go of the things that hurt you, that scare you, that keep you afraid of the monsters which no longer have to exist, not even in your mind. Be One with the Collective Soul of the Universe, and be at peace with your own Soul, with your own Self, for these things which are before you are the very culmination of all the pain, all the heart ache, all the anger, all the messes that were left behind. You are meant as the greatness that you have always been, and together we are meant to be the Soul of the Collective Divinity, the Sacred Nature created by the Sacred Nature of the Collective Wish of the Soul for Peace, for Joy, for Love and for Lokahi, or unity. We have cried and have lost all that we thought we were, but in reality, we did not lose a thing.

We Gained Our Very Selves, and it is now time that we Live Up to the very Greatness which we are all calling our Selves into Being.

Be at Peace. Be, In Love. Be with one another. Be gentle, rather than harsh, and be careful with the choices that you make, for in those choices are the very seeds of the future and the very kuleana which will be the footprints which those who follow our lead will be guided by. Take heed to the inclinations that you should be ready to act on, and ponder the wonder that you are, for there is only one You, and You are decidedly important and a big part of the Grander Scheme of Things to Be.

“AUHEA WALE ANA ‘OE!” is what they are screaming at me, reminding us all of the Kuleana that we each desired.

It is here. It is Now. This is what you asked for.

Remember your Kuleana….remember your Ancient Roots…

The ‘Aumakua are with you…

Me Ke Aloha Pumehana
I Love You All !


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