‘Tis the Season – For Na Mamo…Connecticut, 2012


I cannot say enough about the children in our lives. At this moment there is not a mother, step-mother, auntie, Grandmother, Father, brother, uncle, cousin…there is not one person on this planet who is not at this time in mourning over the loss that we all suffered this week of those beautiful Souls in Connecticut. Yet, rather than remind us all of that loss, instead I will simply give you all the message that has been heavy within me, like a child awaiting to takes it first breath of life, like the excited scariness that I assume is part of becoming a father, like the wavering between worlds that every first time mother experiences when those first signs of life that tell her that her own childhood is officially over with, and that she now will be gifted, through her children, a second opportunity to show those beautiful parts of her Self that perhaps her own mother was too afraid to let the world see. This is for all those parents who, like I did, placed themselves into the soul of every single one of those parents, into the heart of all of those children, and tried dearly to relate to the loss.

No one can relate to the loss of a child. When a child is temporarily taken from his mother’s side, it is torturous. It is torturous to think, and this is only from what I have been told in the past, that someone else is caring for your child, the gift that you were granted by God, and that for an unspecified amount of time, you will worry and wonder, be angry and filled with doubts. You will needlessly question your abilities, and eventually you will begin to sink into a place where nothing else matters than having those little versions of your self back in your awareness. No, this did not happen to me, but it happened to someone with whom I held very close counsel with for a long time (and who is, by my own witness, a stellar parent – one of the very best alive), and while I can only describe what was told to me by that person, I still cannot fathom the idea that anyone else would do this – namely not a parent, and namely not at this time of year, a time which is, no matter who says what, a staple of the joy called “Childhood.”

We can sit in a collective energy of hatred for the person whose shadow life was so big that they would feel the need to spread that darkness through this horror that he caused. We can sit here and grow an energy of anger for the perpetrator, or we can collectively and as a whole bring light and healing to us all through our effort toward healing at this time in our lives.

Rather than giving that person and that person’s karmic debt more of our attention, let’s think about other things, shall we?

This holiday season, when you think about your own children, place also your light and your heart and soul into the collective energy of Aloha that we all need to give to the entire world right now, as we are all hurting from this action brought by the darkness that we collectively are healing at this moment. Let us choose to learn from the hurt, from the messiness caused by this all, and most of all, let us be grateful for the people who are still with us, who hurt with us and who lift up those families at this time. Let us pray for the Light of God and for the soothing gentleness that is the Angelic Realm and all its Own Glory, and let us ask that we can see this in a different way. Let us each know now that those babies are cradled in the arms of Heaven, and let us believe that together we can send our Love and our prayers to those parents whose lives have been markedly affected by this.

Let us never forget that in all of this, there were others who went Home to Akua, others who chose to walk the way of the Warrior, who chose to give their Artemis Selves a chance to shine and to be the one who, in a most Christ like manner, hid the babies who she could and gave her life so that those children would live. Let us not forget, in the fracas that is caused by the grief, by the deepness of this sadness, that we must recall the smiles and the tears, not of just those who have gone Home, but of those who were left here, left with the memory that no child should ever have. We must pray that those children will live each day of their own little lives knowing that God loves them, that they are precious, that life is not truly like this, and we ourselves must also believe that in this lifetime people are of a good and kind nature, and that the monsters in our lives are not as big as this all is.

We can never forget that in this all, we cannot impart the lesson of angry hatred, of only the loss, of only the people who are no longer of this awareness. We must continue to teach these little ones that Love is the highest of all honor, and that through Love the healing of their little lives will be.

We must remember to send our Love, our Collective Light, and most of all, our own collective measures of our combined singular Soul of Aloha, to Connecticut, to those Children whose lives were changed in a gigantic way.

May Your Path be Lit With the Light of Alo’ha…many Blessings to you All

I Love You All…Fly to the Angels, Little Ones….
Me ke Aloha Pumehana….



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