‘Tis the Season – The Gift of The Wise Ones

There is nothing like being in the company of The Wise Ones

We never can tell who it is in our lives who will be the bringers of Wisdom. For many years I had pondered the idea that somehow, my Auntie Kalei was teaching me the ways of the ‘Aumakua, and through the written teachings of Lynn V. Andrews and her experiences with the Elders, and through my own bloodline who I have come to the conclusion that we can call ourselves at some point in our Spiritual Path to Wisdom, the Wise Ones. 

We choose our teachers, and we do not realize that we are choosing them when we do. Some of us know that who is part of our grander awareness and actively and in any measure a part of our lives at this time are also those who have come to us with many lessons to teach us, with much Aloha to impart to us, and most of all, with much Wisdom, not to give to us and neither teach us about only, but more, to remind us of our place in this lifetime.

The Wisdom Keepers

I say much of the ‘Aumakua, of the Elders among us, and with good cause. Without the Gift of the Wise Ones, we are walking through this lifetime choosing to be blinded by the things that block our sight from the ugliness that scares us but also is that same ugliness that teaches us what we need to know. Without the Wise Ones in our midst, we do not know that what we are seeing and what we are experiencing is meant as the Gift which all of humankind has been given

It is a sad thing that most of us fear our Power, fear what others will think of us should we allow them to know that this is our reality, that we follow what the Elders and the ‘Aumakua teach us. The Wisdom Keepers – those to whom I refer as “The Wise Ones” – are a gift to us all, for it is within their Knowing of things not of the world in which we each walk, but rather in both worlds, where the gifts which keep on giving to us are contained. It is within the Soul and the leanings of the Wise Ones among us to suffer learning through pain, so that we may live to tell others that there is an end to our suffering, that there is something of value in the losses of those things which we have been so very inclined, through the pandering to the Soul within us collectively that we chose to look past the gifts of material worth to the very gifts which we are meant to cultivate which are the real gifts. The real gifts for us all are already within us. We just need to learn to trust our very selves, trust in the idea that who we are is very much tied to that one thing about us that the world sees as our game face, and no, I am not referring to your Rising Sign!

It is the Wise Ones among us who teach us that the loss of what we thought was Love was actually there to teach us what is not Love. It is the Wise Ones among us who, without our realizing so, are meant to bring to us the greater understanding of who we are through who we know, and more, who we are no longer through who we know is no longer of good service to us, to our Path, to our Life. It is the Wise Ones among us who, through their own Soul, gift us with the thoughts and the inclinations of the Angels, and it is the Wise Ones among us who give to us the needed support of Soul, of Heart and of Truth and who also will not allow us to see only the bad in any situation. It is the duty of those of us who have been given the task as Wisdom Keepers to give to the rest of the world of Souls some peace of mind about a thing, give others Love and to teach others through our actions what it is that they must learn. Some it is Love, others it is Strength, but all the way around, it is the Knowing that not one of us is alone in our trek on the Path, that none of us is here without a reason for being here, and that not one of us is without the guidance we each need.

You will know when you are in the company of The Wise Ones. Their power will be apparent, but will be gentle like the breeze flowing over the Pacific Ocean at sunset. The Wise Ones will only exude Love, will not intimidate nor try to control you, for it is our only thought that what you learn in our presence is what you need to learn. It is our wish of Aloha for those who seek our guidance that they learn from us how to be that which you were meant to be, even if what you wanted to be is not anywhere near what you are meant as. I never though for a moment as I was growing up that what I would use my writing abilities for, what I would use my ability to see from a different perspective, my ability to “put myself” into the Soul and the heart of another for purposes of Knowing the Truth of them, and my ability which is inherent in all Human beings to give to others the measure of Divine Spiritual Power through the Energy that is Alo’ha. It is more than I thought it would be, the use to which I put my abilities, both physical and Spiritual, but it is the Gift which was given by my Ancestors to me, and is the gift which, through pain and suffering, that I have been able to emerge from each battle victorious and with a brighter Light of Alo’ha to share with the world, to share with my own World, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. When I found out what I could do with what I already knew it was like being reborn into a new type of Knowing that is Wisdom in all its beauty and well-earned glory.

We are the very gatekeepers to the Eternal Flame, are the very Ones who are meant to bring to the world the gift that we have of Love, of the All That Is. We come to you in the manner we do which is peaceful. We come to you with the gift that is Unconditional Love, of human beings and our penchant toward folly, and of the Soul Tribe which each of us has our very own of. We are sent here to this lifetime to gift to the rest of the world, through our unique talents and gifts of the Soul, there very needed energies of the times, no matter what the need, and no matter how long the lesson. We are sent to each other so as to teach. We are all Strong, Wise and Powerful in our own right. We are here in service to one another. We are the Gift of the Soul which I speak, each and every one of us. We are here to give of ourselves to one another, and it is through the teachings and offerings of the Wise Ones that we are given the Knowledge which one day becomes our own Wisdom.

If you are aware of your own Soul, then, too, you will also know that the Wise Ones who you are blessed in your life with are the very people who you called upon, so see them as the Gift of Spirit straight from Akua above. See them as what they are in your life, and know that it is their very truest hearts desire to Know You, to Love You in the best manner that we can, for it is our very gift of Sight, of Knowing, of the Connection You have always had to the Divine within, and it is that very same energy which will connect you to all that is Divine.

Trust in the gifts brought to you by and through you because of the Wisdom of the Ages which were presented to you in the manner which they were because that is exactly the way you would understand the lesson. Do not fear what it is that you are asked to grow out of, and embrace the things that you worry about, the things that you feel like you have no answer to, because sometimes it is the silence which we need in order to see a thing through, and sometimes it is literally on the very wings of Angels which your answers, your comfort and your Life is delivered to you. Wisdom is given to us in dreams, in messages which come through synchronicities, in the lyrics contained in a song not heard in many years. Our answers come to us in the form we can understand, through people who are chosen by us with the help of our Guides to make the strange leanings of the messages at hand seem not so strange, that makes change seem not so impossible.

We are blessed to be surrounded by Wise Ones, by Prophets and Modern Day Saints, by Seers and those who can be seen as “The Tall Ones Who See” , and it is not the physical stature which can be called “Tall,” but rather and only the stature which is that of our very Souls.

We can see better, easier, through to the breaking light of day, even in the middle of the storms of our lives. And what makes it easier for us is just knowing that somewhere in our own lives there are such people who are there at the drop of a hat, who are there to explain to us the plain truth, even when we do not want to hear the truth – it is the Wise Ones who are dear enough to make us know that what we seek is not the match to the Divine within us, and though we want to see things one way, want to have things our way, want to believe that if we go backward to try to garner our comfort, that in doing so we are doing like the biblical dog who returns to his own vomit. The Wise Ones remind us of where we have been and why it is that we never have to return to those places in us that are darkness because those places have been healed with the Light of the Truth, and because we are healed by our own Light, we are made Wise by it as well.

Trust the Light within You. Follow the Guidance of the Aumakua, and learn to trust those people in our lives who we are drawn to the most, for they are the very Wise Ones of which I write….

Embrace your own living ‘Aumakua…Wise Ones exist to be in service to all of humankind…yes, including and especially you !!

Me Ke Aloha Pumehana…I Love You All !

Reverend Roxanne Cottell is the Kumu Hula and Creator of the Spiritual Hula Program for Women and the Co-Founder of Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui. She is a blogger, book authorchoreographer and Spiritual Adviser. If you would like information about “ROCK your NUPTIALS” Weddings or simply just to contact Roxanne for information about the Spiritual Hula Program for Women or information regarding private hula or Spiritual Guidance sessions with her feel free to send her an email.
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