‘Tis the Season: The Gift, Part Two (Yep…long)

“Signs! Signs! Everywhere, Signs!”
(Originally composed by 5 Man Accoustical Band and Performed by Tesla)

Here it is..the 2nd half of the message, as was “delivered” to me an hour or so ago…

We are being given signs, folks, and everyday those things and thoughts and such that you have that tell you that you should do this or that, that guide you out of danger that cannot be seen right now, those things are the very things and stuff and energy that this, the opening of  a brand new era on Earth, requires of us.

There are a few of you reading this who will say out loud after reading that first paragraph that there really is not anything that we truly “have to” do, but at the same time if we are not willing to give a little more of who we are to lend to the entirety of the Whole of Humankind, we can be guaranteed that that which we hold collectively and dearly as the Wishes of the Collective Soul will not materialize for us all. This is not my rule. This is the rule of the Law of Attraction, which tells us that most of all, the things that we want and desire and hold in our Souls are in manifest the moment that we have a clear thought about them, have a pureness of intention when the thought first is created, and are without the energy of our being in competition with anyone else. When we are desirous of a thing and we are ready to receive it – and make no mistake ! We are all being made ready to receive a LOT…a WHOLE LOT – this is when we are meant to have what we desire the most. Nothing good comes from a Soul which is beckoned by the darkness other than the ability to see Light and to feel the penetration caused by that darkness.

We must, at this point in time, be willing to release the darkness, the fear, and the negative intentions set forth by those fears. We must relinquish the thought that we have to drop the illusion of trying to best another and of being better than other people and realize that we have already manifested the proof of our having done well thus far. While many do not want to think that this is all there is, many more are in this energetic pull of “maybe,” and right now what we need is not a maybe but an absolute.

By this it is meant that our absoluteness must be true, deep and fluid. We must be more inclined to Be, In Love, more now than ever, and yes, Life depends on the mass infusion of Love Energy from all of us, all the time, and all at one time, and it is the evidence around us that prompts this pleading, prompts this begging for your Kokua, asking that we all include ourselves, not only in our thinking about others, but also for our very selves.

We are at a point in our Spiritual One-Ness that we HAVE TO be able, sooner than we care to, sooner than we think we need to, and as soon as two weeks ago, give, of ourselves, or else we surely will be met with the same things, people, situations, everything, that we have evolved to to this very point in our storied human history.

We must extend of our Spirits, and we must be true to our own selves as well as we remain true to the intentions which we are setting into motion for manifestation. Without purity of thought, heart and soul, none of what we desire to have in our lives will be in completion, to the extent which it is meant as being. We are each singularly as well as collectively the example of the existence of a Grand Creator, of an energy which is imbued with Love, with Soul, with the very things we each all need and desire and have, collectively, requested. We want what we want, but we want it without our having to give up who we think we are for who we really are, and who we really are is a whole, whole lot. We cannot know this if we are not willing to shed the old truths for the creation of the new truth within us that is waiting to Be, is waiting to be Known and Utilized. You Are Waiting To Be, but what you do not know, are not aware of, cannot possibly fathom, is that you already Know You, but you have been denying yourself the ultimate in Spiritual Partners – Your very self.

It is time that we all chose to include ourselves in prayer, with one another, alone with our selves, with our animals, with the Creator, with our Guides, our Angels, our Soul Tribes – we must remember our origins, remember that we were never meant to be “at each other,” but only at each others’ service. We have come to a point where we know what is plenty, are living through what we see as “lean,” we know heartache, loss, anger and resentment, and right now is the time that we must release it all. We must allow our Souls to release the toxicity of the past, and we must understand that that which no longer serves us is also that which is no longer of use to our Path. We must release the old to make way for the new, and we must gladly allow ourselves to allow God to fill the void which is left by the absence of the things which insult our souls, and we must …MUST do this on the level of the collective, because as it stands, there are many of us who are already ahead of the idea that we need to clear out, ponder, wonder what it is that we think is the reason that we are hanging on to the things which hurt us the most.

When you pray, be fervent, be true, and again, Be, In Love. Know now that you are the very Highest Representation of the All That Is, that yours is the face of God, as is your Brother’s. Yours is the Soul of the Cosmos, as is your Brother’s. Yours is the heartbeat of the Universe, as, too, is your Brother’s. We must take care to the Malama’aina, to care for the Land, and in this instance the Land is two fold – it is our Mother, Gaia, and it is us, collectively, singly, and we must be more inclined to remain as gentle souls, here in service to others, no matter who and no matter for what reason – we must return to our own gentleness, and we must be able to impart this gentleness on the Whole of Mankind. We are who permeate one another with the beauty that is Love, that is Life, that is the Alo’ha within us all – we are the Breath of Life, the part of one another which is us, in Wholeness and totally absolutely not with the thought that somehow we need to be better than someone else, that we need to give others a reason to mistrust us through our own mistrust for them. We must be willing to see the world, not through the rose colored lenses we have chosen to this part of the Now, but through the Eyes of the Soul.

For many centuries we have passed down through the generations the aches and pains which were evidenced by the Bones of our Very Souls, through our tears and through the gnashing of our own teeth. We have been willing to raise arms against our Brothers, have chosen to be the Soul Murderers of our very Sisterhood globally, and the time has come where we must accept that this is not our Truth. This was never our Truth. Our Truth is within us each and is waiting to be birthed for the beauty and the Promise that it all is, collectively, singly, Universally.

We are being called to the task of becoming the Village which raises the Children in a collective manner. We are the children, Na Mamo, the Chosen and Cherished, and the Village is the world of all the different lands and the oceans which no longer separate us but instead connect us through the representation that is the emotional element of Water, and the world is covered mostly with water, meaning that we need to tap into that emotion collectively and for the very first time in any of our very human lives and stories, we must choose to See each other with Holy Eyes and through the Spirit’s sight. We must look past the things that hurt and the past which marred and scarred us. We must bother with the idea that we are so not alone, and we must choose to Live Through only the Thoughts produced by the finest of minds. We must think that we are all that we are, even as we simultaneously are very personally different than one another.

We must choose Love above all else.

And yes, Ohana, it is the most important thing that we can do for each other and more, for ourselves, that we have ever done. We must Love our own selves if we expect anyone else to, and we must learn from the things that could have been seen as an infraction against us, and instead of thinking of that one thing in a negative manner, we must choose to see it as yet one more lesson that we are meant to learn and that we never have to learn ever again if we should so choose to not. Right now we are collectively as One, and it has taken us a long time to get here, and it was a lot of work, tears and loss, but here we are, at the top of the proverbial mountain, and all we have left is the view. Yet many of us cannot see the view because many of us are at the top and do not know we are all here and all together, and many of us are choosing only to look at where we have been and have chosen to judge it. Stop judging it. Stop judging you. You are here for a reason and it is not a hurtful but a healing reason.

You are meant to Be, In Love, and you are meant as a Divine and Holy Beacon, a Light shining in the darkness of your own fears. You are meant as an important piece of this intricate puzzle and knowing we all came into, each with our own lessons, our own Path to walk. We should live joyously in this time, regardless if we are in the mindset of Loss, of heart ache, of things that we do not want to look at. We are here in this time together, and at this time we are meant to be together in thought, in prayer, in harmony with the All That Is. Sadly, there are those among us who doubt that this time in history is real.

I implore those who have doubts to please take this time right now to sense with your body the things that your Soul is telling you, and I begging you all to not turn a deaf ear – the answers are there, are yours, and they are not the ones that you had hoped for, but are the ones that you need the most. Take heed to this message for it is meant as a catalyst into the New Age of Aquarius, where more and more of us will rise to the levels of greatness that we are no where near having the idea that maybe we deserve what we have now, what we see as ours in the future, and no matter what, whether you like it or whether you do not want it, whatever the “it” is, it is right, it is what you need. It is helping you to clear what is no longer useful, is applicable to the person who you were before the Shift within you began to take place. Your Soul will not allow you to go backward, and your Soul will wretch at the idea of doing things for the sake of others if it will also be to your own detriment -physical, emotional, mental, and especially Spiritual. We are fighting with each other, but what we do not realize is that truly, we are being called to be all the Soul Warriors we were born to be, and we are instead fighting our very selves.

Stop making your Soul beg for its Right to Be. Stop telling yourself that you do not deserve what has come to you. Stop being in the energy of denial, for it is not anyone but you who will be denied.

Right now, we must choose to Be, In Love. This is the entirety of this message – to Love with unfiltered energy, to give with much glee, to be open to receiving much of what we give to others. We are being taught through our experiences with other people exactly who we are. We must take heed and bother to learn.

We must be without fear of change. We must know in our heart of hearts and in the very deepest part of our Souls that this time, whatever is happening in our lives is needed. The clearing away of the old for the new is needed. We must release through forgiveness, and we must give Love, show graciousness as well as be Thankful, yes, even for the things that hurt us.

And again, the only thing that we are afraid of is change, because change makes us stretch.

Do not Fear. Fear is a negative vibration. Embrace the Fear and Know that the Truth is there and is Yours.

Know that you are the evidence of Truth in the Universe. Know that you are the Divine Measure brought about by Spirit. Know and Believe that you are as precious and as important as the Sparrows in flight, as God cares for the birds of the air, so surely, too, God must care for you.



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