‘Tis the Season – The Gift, Part One (Yes, it IS Long…)

Excuse Me while I kiss the Sky…
 …a Message For Us All…
    (Rock Legend, Jimi Hendrix’s, Purple Haze)

Right around this time of year, I begin to see signs of things to come, and am compelled to share with you all the very messages which are coming through my hands. While I will claim to the fact that some of what you are about to read will be mine, what you will be mostly reading are the messages which lie heavily within the very deepest recesses of my Very Weary Soul. Normally this channeled message does not come to me until almost the third week of December, but as we all know right now it is very strange and subject to get very moody at any time for any one of us…and I Know that this is the Truth about the collective Whole. We are bristling under the pressure of the changes happening for us right now. We are Manifesting our collective Highest Desires for the Well-Being of the Planet and the Whole of Us.

Take heed, Family, and Know now that what is happening to us is nothing short of Miraculous. It is said biblically that “…the Meek shall inherit the Earth,” and this biblical passage has been sitting in my head since very late last night, when I lay awake in the darkness pondering the things which are happening to me particularly, to many in my inner circle, to many more than any one of us really, truly knows.

We are at the height of massive changes, and things which we thought were not going to be, “are,” and things which are not sitting in our heads quite nicely really are “sitting there” quite comfortably because all of those ways of Our Being, Collectively, is in need – DIRE need – of the ability to release that which no longer serves us. We have got a whole lot of cleanin’ to do, Folks, and if what you thought was hard to get through recently was anything to deal with, what comes next is going to make you understand what it means when Spirit moves us to do things that we otherwise might not do if the conditions under which we are all living at this time were different than they are now. I would like you all to go back in your minds for one moment, back one year from this date. Think about the issues that were happening in your life at that time and how you wished that whatever it was that was going on were not happening. Now think about your life a year ago this coming March…then June…now, September. Okay, now think back to just three weeks ago. Feel that ? Feeling what you are thinking right now is what we ALL need to do, I am finding. Now, go back twenty years in your mind and realize, just exactly like I have said, over and over and over again, not realizing what it is that I am saying to those who seek counsel, is also what I, too, need to do. I made a HUGE decision this past weekend, and I think the hurtful part of it all, the part that sucked the most, is that I had, at that very moment, decided for real that I had to do this…thing.

The part that hurts is not the Knowing that this just needs to Be, but rather and only the manifestation of it all, and this is not …not not not…something that I am alone in. My days are filled with people asking me about their life issues and what I think they should do, which is merely to train themselves to think in a different manner. I do not realize that sometimes, when I am doing Soul Work with people, that sometimes, they are also my Healer. I Learn so very much from them all. There are a lot of broken hearts in the world right now, and right now we are being called up to do our work. Some of us are doing this work and don’t know that this is what we are doing. Thank goodness for it, too – there is enough arrogant energy, too much in fact.

Then there are those of us who work directly and knowingly with teachers of Spirit. There are those who somehow just know that they are here for a Divinely Timed and Planned Purpose and who actively seek the counsel of those called “Wise Ones.” It is the Wise Ones who have the kuleana to pass on the Wisdom of the Aumakua, to impart to the rest of the world of Souls the Wisdom of the Ages, and to show us who is here to help, to make it clear that all are here to learn, and also that all are here to teach. Right now we are finding out the depth of our own selves through those who we are mirrored by. We look into our own eyes when we are in the company of others, and in that company we are to learn to be with one another in an unconditional way. There are no conditions that last in this New Age which is upon the Universe. Think about how big of a deal that is….the entire Whole of the All That Is…you and I, all of us who make the “We” of the human family….is directly affected by and affecting EVERYTHING right Now, and if you thought about it long enough, you would find that the conversations you are having are being had with people from whom you do not have to not be the Real You with. Go ahead and tell em what’s up with you, and I Promise they are probably gonna be okay, fine and dandy with what it is that you tell them. This is what I learned. I learned well that there are just some things that suck that we have to go through and when we are done going through it life is “stupid awesome” (Not my words…dangit, Gabby!…She does this to me ALL the TIME haha!!)

You see, we are all relearning to trust our very selves all over again. We fooled ourselves into believing that who we bought a house for and drove all those cars for and lived in that country club with is the person who you are for real, but that is not the truth of any of you. No matter what kind of things you own, you do not realize just how special each and every one of you are. Ya know – it is said that God knows the very number of hairs on each and every one of our human heads, that the sparrows want for nothing. If God cares about a bird, and a bird lives and thrives on its most base abilities, and we humans are thoughtfully provoking our lives at this time and having the ability to reason…you’d better bet your okole God cares about You !!! Rest assured God Cares, no matter what it may seem like otherwise.

We ALL have a whole lot of releasing to do. I do. You do. The guy in the red shirt over there digging his nose…yup, him, too. We are all tired as hell. Each and every one of us at this moment in time are somehow in flux, are trying to balance more than one thing at a time, and what we are not realizing is that we are not obligated to do that anymore, and the reality is that we never were. I am compelled right now to tell you all that what you are feeling right this moment in time is the release of those energies. No matter how much I want to fight this, not go through one more battle, not be tired, just be done, I have to. There are a whole lot of “have to’s” for all of us, and yep – they are all painful. That’s because they are all loaded with all that pent up negative energy that was stored up for many lifetimes, and now, in this time, at this very incredibly Special time for the entirety of the Whole of Us, we are releasing all of it, and yes, just as much as it hurt when it happened is just as much as it hurts right now. You will notice that energy right now and then in a little while, you will begin to feel the gradual release of it. You will feel blue. You will feel nostalgic. You will be tired, physically, because you are so, so, so tired Spiritually, and emotionally…and mentally. We are all so tired on so many levels, and we are here with one another, finding our Soul Tribes, and just Knowing you have been led to that similar energy should be plenty for any one of us to be mighty grateful for, to feel very fortunate to even Know, and more than that, Know that it also, good or otherwise, is how it is supposed to be right now.

We are being called to Do what we are each meant to Do with our lives. We are being called to Trust in our own Selves, in our Higher Calling, which manifests itself in many ways. We are hurting, collectively, but it is like being sore after exercise – it is a “good hurt.” because we all Know that at the end of the hurt is the Healing on the Grandest Scale and Highest Level. We are Ascending, “Shifting,” if you will. We are being introduced to our Soul Tribes. We are “Graduating” from the First Half – the Juvenile Half – of Our Collective Lives. We are being called upon to Grow and we are being trusted to Share with those within our Tribes.

We are being shown the Ohana of The Entirety of the Whole of it All.
We are expected to finally trust in the Love that is Our Soul
We are being called upon to our Higher Calling.
That which is no longer serving us has found its way out of our Lives, somehow, and all we did was Pray.
That which is meant to Be part of our Awareness of things and activities of a Higher Calling will Be, In Love, and will Become What Your Own Soul shows You That It Is, and yes, It IS as beautiful as You have “seen” it to be. You are, right now, creating that reality. All of it.

Right now, we are being Trusted to Share the Love and not have the idea in any of our heads that anyone has to prove it, because Love never has to be Proved. It Just Is. Mankind is in DIRE NEED of the Mana and the constant and ongoing Mana’o of Aloha to just Be. Right now this may not make sense to many of you, because you have not arrived to that place in your Soul where you are ready for it, and this is not a message to only you, but to me, as well, and it is coming through Loudly. We are to share with one another the gifts of the Spirit that have been Ordained to Us.


We are Being Called to Love, Guys…we are being “Told” that Now is Your Moment.

Don’t be scared to take it…



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