‘Tis the Season – The Gift of Divine Guidance

There is not one of us who has never been Divinely Guided

…yet, there are a whole lot of us who do not know that this is what is happening when it seems that the thing that does not appear to have any resolution ends up being the thing that comes with its very own brand of clarity.

There are not a lot of people on the planet who have not felt the need at one time or another to call into being the assistance brought by Angels. Yes, Angels exist. If you do not believe me, then think back to a time when you really needed some help and out of nowhere there was help. Think about those times when it seemed like there was no end in sight to the things that hurt you, that broke your heart, and again, through your own direction and from the guidance of the Soul within you, help arrived, and it was not just any kind of help. In fact, the last time that you needed the help with something, if you looked back at that time and took it apart and studied all the pieces of the entirety of the situation, you would find that truly, there was Divine Guidance.

Divine Guidance

I have a habit of seeing things that make no sense to anyone at the onset of things as being Divinely Timed and Planned. What this means is that all of us have what I refer to as being “The Wishes of the Soul.” The Soul knows very well what it needs, even as our physical selves want to tell the Soul what it needs. When the Ego, which is manifested through our physical selves, cannot come up with a good enough, self-serving reason as to why certain things happen in our lives or why certain people show up when they do and sometimes at seemingly the most inopportune of times is when we are not realizing that our Soul is in a unified effort with the Angels to bring to us the thing that we need the most through the most simple means and through the most obvious manner. Sometimes we are not able to deal with what is brought to us, and when we cannot deal with what has been brought to us is when the Guidance of the Angels and those who are known in some circles as being The Ascended Masters  I won’t go on in great length about who these Beings all are, just know that whether it is the Angels or the Masters, either way, you are in the greatest position of all to receive not only those lessons which bring the Soul to the level it needs to be at the time it is meant, but also to bring comfort in times of uncertainty.

I refer to events that make no sense at the onset, again, as being “Divinely Timed and Planned.” When a thing is Divinely Timed and Planned, and when it seems that the energies which surround it are somehow just falling into place without any help from anyone in the human arena, this is when we know for sure that we are not alone. When we ask from our Soul for the things that we need to bring to the rest of the world our own brand of Aloha and when truly we can Know and Believe and trust that really, God has us, this is when clarity is formed within us. This is when we have that Divine connection, and this is when the journey has taken on a completely different energy.

Trust in the things and events which are Divinely Timed and Planned

Trust that the harsh feel of some events is just that – that is what it feels like. There is not one of us who does not recall at least one time in our lives when we literally felt our bodies growing. This growth pain can be likened to that harsh feeling we end up having when certain things in our lives evolve into what they are supposed to. Things that are meant to happen always happen – there is no getting around them or away from them, and most of the time the things and events and people who show up make no kind of sense at all to our human brains, but our Soul knows that what lies before us, no matter what it is, and it is our Soul and the prodding brought by it that compels us to a level of curiosity that makes us want to know more.

When we want to know more we find yet more clarity about other situations and suddenly we can see the pattern, the ties between events, and very shortly thereafter all that has occurred to that point becomes the collective entirety of our own Knowing at that very special, very Divinely Timed and Planned thing. These times and the components contained within them is what makes the things which made no sense suddenly make all kinds of sense. When we ask for components to be removed, we do not know how they will be, only THAT they will be. We cannot control how they evolve, because the “how” of anything at all is not ours.  When we release the idea that we have to control how a thing happens – THIS is when we have experienced the Divine Nature of Absolute Surrender.

The Divine Nature of Absolute Surrender

Human beings have a hard time relinquishing control of anything at all, namely when it is that what we are seeing in our lives has the flavor of our not having absolute control.

Controlling our own outcome to meet our ego’s wants has nothing to do with the things that we need. When we surrender to our own knowing that we are here for a Divine Purpose, we also surrender to the idea that no  matter what we think is supposed to happen, no matter how we want something to end up being, and no matter how many things and people we hang on to from the past and how many lessons we are more willing to forget having learned just to have that one thing happen for us through our own manipulation of a thing is what trips us up. We can never do better for ourselves than to ask for the habit of surrendering ourselves to our Higher Purpose, and part of this is being able to understand that what we want is in manifest, that what we need is contained in the outcome that is not ours but that we are, with the guidance and help of the Angels and God, well on our way to seeing EXACTLY what we want, or something even better and more applicable to our Higher Purpose.

It is our lower energy tendencies that cause us to not trust the things that we have no explanation for, and it is the ego which prods us to worry, to stay corded to those whose purpose in our lives have been met. When we choose to surrender to the Divine Guidance and we do so with the absolute trust that when we have left our issues and our worries and the things that we have no idea what to do with, this is called Absolute Surrender. When we experience the energy of truly letting go, of truly accepting that what we need and is in our best interest is being met and in manifest, this is when we are primed and ready for the things we so dearly want to become more than what our human minds can even begin to think is real, let alone deal with. This is why it takes so long sometimes, the manifestation of the lives we are collectively creating – because we need to learn patience, we need to learn what we have asked to have as part of our way of being, and most of all, we need to be able to evolve to a point where our brain can process these wonderful things coming into being in our lives.

We are taught to not trust in events and things and people who seem to be way too amazing for us to have called into our lives. We are taught to believe that we are not good enough to have what we have, to have what we want and can see in our minds. We are taught to think that we have to compete with others in this awareness for our own Gifts and Treasures. We are taught there is not enough of what we want and that other people are more lucky or more deserved than we are. We are taught all these non-truths about who we are and we just volunteer to believe it all. Then one day, when we seem to be at our very lowest point, when we are crying with a broken heart and seething with the anger and the disbelief that we have again been able to worry ourselves into a situation that we cannot possibly believe is ours, we finally do what we need to and we surrender.

We are not giving anything up – quite the opposite, in fact. We are opening up, making room for the thing that we want to see happen in our lives, clearing out first that which does not serve our higher purpose, and feeling what it is to have “lost” something that more often than not, we are hanging on to because we humans hate giving up what we think of as being “ours”. We do this a lot with the pain we feel and we do it through hanging on to the people who made us hurt. I went through this for many years, and yesterday all those years and all that time finally came to the very loud, very calamitous eventuality that it was meant to. I do not like confrontation, but sometimes it is needed because it is that very confrontation that brings about the awareness of what really needs to happen. While I can see that the thing that I was manifesting at first is still very much in manifest, what I did not see was the lesson in strength, the lesson that apparently I needed to regain not only my intuitive edge, but more, the edge I’d created for myself which allows me to see more clearly the issues which my clients bring to me.

Had I not gone through everything that I have up to this very point in time, I would not be where I am today, and more important than that, I would not be WHO I am today, and who I am today is far removed from who I was yesterday. Yesterday I was a seething mess of vitriol, ready to take on anyone who was any size and yesterday I was just not who I really am, but who I really am totally depended on yesterday happening for me. If yesterday did not happen for me, and if yesterday I did not just accept that what I was going through was meant specifically for me, I would not know just exactly how Divinely Timed and Planned all the events that happened prior to yesterday really were if I did not see the me that needed to be here yesterday to grow into the exquisite warrior that truly I have become. An exquisite warrior is one who can choose their battle and can see clearly when the fight has been won. An exquisite warrior is one who uses all the Love contained within the reason why anyone would take on an issue just one last time, and this time, I know that this was the battle royale that truly needed to happen.

Where once there was confusion, now there is clarity. Where once there was reason to believe that this was not the truth, that I was done battling this one thing, one last time, there now is the feeling of completion.

Where once there was complete fear, there is now the mellowing of those energies which could be called a Monster in the closet of my mind. Where once there was the endlessness brought by impatience, now there is but the relief which comes with knowing that the very wishes and desires of my own Soul in accordance to what my own visions tell me are very truly, very quickly manifesting, and had I not gone through what I had gone through, I might not have this heightened Gift of Greater Spiritual Sight….and yes, I asked for it.

Now, it is mine….

You must ask yourself if what it is that makes you afraid is somehow not Divinely Guided to you and made especially for you. You must be willing to see what is before you for what it all truly is, and what it All Truly Is will make absolutely, Divinely Timed and Planned Sense, no matter what !!

Next time you hear a song you have not heard in ages, or perhaps experience coincidences that happen just exactly at the right time, do not be afraid to ask your own Soul what it means. You will know if the signs and coincidences are yours personally, because always we are being Divinely Guided by the Angels!!

I Love You All !!

Reverend Roxanne Cottell is the Kumu Hula and Creator of the Spiritual Hula Program for Women and the Co-Founder of Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui. She is a blogger, book authorchoreographer and Spiritual Adviser. If you would like information about “ROCK your NUPTIALS” Weddings or simply just to contact Roxanne for information about the Spiritual Hula Program for Women or information regarding private hula or Spiritual Guidance sessions with her feel free to send her an email.
(c) 2012 Roxanne K. Cottell. All Rights Reserved


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