‘TIs the Season … Soul Gifts…

“Be Excellent to Each Other….” 
     (From “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” 1989, Metro-Goldwyn-Meyers Studios, Inc.)

The famous line from a film which could, in some ways, be the spiritual definition point for an entire generation, the one called “X.”

The very one which I am a part of. The very one which the people who travel this Path with me are also from, at least most of them. The most of us are in possession of an old Soul, of a Soul which begs to learn and a Soul which only bothers to Love and to Care and to be One with the Very All That Is…This post…this thought…this Mana’o of Love, of giving, of Aloha…this is meant for you guys, and yes…you all know exactly who you are…those who can call me “Aumakua” or, “Ancestor,” have learned very well the very lessons brought to them by a generation which preceded theirs and it shows. Love knows no place within where there is no measure of sharing to be had, no measure of Knowing that for sure, this time, it is not only personal, the lesson contained within the lesson, but more, it is life-exacting and right now, we could all use the exacting ability, not only of choice, but more, believing these very words which are before you at this time. It is not only the message that is from me,  but right now I have become the conduit for the Aloha, as guided by the Soul within, the Aloha Spirit which those closest to me know is as homegrown and real as it gets.

Yes, sometimes it is a bit to deal with, but most of the time, that same Aloha gets worn by those to whom I impart this gift to, and the most important part is that my Tribe knows what needs to happen with that gift once it has been given to them.

Every year around this time many people are wondering what to buy for whom on their list of gift-getters. I rarely bother with a list – one, there’s no gift anywhere on any store shelf that can quite adequately describe the deepness of Aloha, of Love, of Cosmic Energy that I have for the people who are in my life. Two, my gift to them and the world is always my own energy, always the Aloha within me because it is a gift which we can all return, a gift that we can each keep giving, and one which never goes out of style.

Sure, we can go out, be broke in a few hours after having spent money on things that for some recipients, will hold no meaning (because that is just how they roll), and you can make merry, intoxicate yourself with the palate’s offerings of the day as well as imbibe yourself, and it will still be all okay, or you can still eat, drink and be merry and do so with the thought in your heads that there is no gift that we can go out into the wilderness we call our own that will match the one which just keeps on giving. In my world, ’tis the Aloha Soul within me which rules, which prompts me to seek those in my midst who can offer their own measure of Aloha to the world, who know the very strength and the very truth of the gift that they give, which is the gift they – the people in my life – give to me, and it can never be matched by anything that can be found in a jade dealer’s jewelry case.

The people who reside in my life are the very ones who have gifted me throughout the year, both those who have been with me for the bulk of my lifetime as well as those who have only shown up recently, with the things which we all need, which are intangible in nature and which can only come from each of them. From them all I get the essential things in life that I need, that yes, I can provide myself with, but life is so much sweeter, the Path made easier to travel, when you have companions, and for them all I cannot even begin to describe for you the very depth of Soul, the very realness of Spirit, the undying nature of the very Aloha within them each, the Aloha which, in some manner, I know I am responsible for having brought to them as well.

My thinking is that if we take the time out of our lives for purposes of buying things for other people, why can we not also take the time, year round, to be grateful – truly and dearly grateful – for the people who share our lives and fill our lives with Aloha? At this time of year it is hard on some people to wrap their heads around the thought that again, we are expected to give people things when what they really are waiting for is the thought and the energy behind the things. I know that when my daughter makes me a piece of Spirit Jewelry that it is a gift that holds its own magic, its own power and that it is not the jewelry that matters but the energy which my Gracie has put into the fabrication of that piece. I know that when Napua comes to take Gracie for the day, when Patrick takes my “Moshpit” baby boy overnight, it is not only because of Enoka, but also because my siblings know without having to ask that their big sister needs to Be within her own energies for a little while and they respond with that measure of relief. I know that when my big son, Jeremy, and his pals, Tim and AJ, come to me with a gift from our mutual friend Nate, that it is because they know me well enough to know that that is a gift most appreciated, will be utilized in the fashion it is meant to be, and most of all, because they know me well enough to know exactly what it is that I am both needing and desiring. Never am I disappointed when the thought precedes the giving.

I could sit here and give you all more examples that would match this one, and the people behind these shows of Aloha would agree with me if I chose to exemplify the things that they have done for me, some knowing they acted in kindness on my behalf, and most of them never even realizing the gift they have given to me until I have returned it in some fashion. Yet all of them, every single one of them, no matter who they are, and mind you my Tribe grows almost daily, Know well that I care, that I Love them with a deepness that can only be had from other members of This Soul Tribe which we all share, of an Ohana which was gifted to me by the very Heavens above where Akua sits watching us, seeing our motives and knowing our intentions and making sure to it that the very requests of the heart and soul which are only particular to our own selves and God are met. These people, all of them, Know, Believe and Live with this regarding me and who I am in their lives everyday, and it is truly the one gift which I Love to give to them the most, as it is the very one which we all so dearly need, the one most appreciated and most of all, the one which is meant to be shared.

To those who know who they are, I extend to you all this welcoming message from the Heavens above that you are to each Know within you that there is a specialness to you , a meaningfulness which you have brought to me and a Soul which is inextricably now a piece of my Life which I am too happy to receive. I want you all to Know that without doubt, you are meant as part of the grander scheme of all things “Rox,” of all things “Mapu, and of the very life which, because of each of you, has been made easier to map and to anticipate, and for that gift which has been and keeps being received by me, I must extend my great big Kisses of Aloha, the embraces which are filled with the Light and the Love, not only of this most Sacred season, but of the very deepest recesses of my very Hawai’ian Soul.

 I need you all to know that no matter where you are in the world, no matter where your life takes you and no matter what it is that you each decide to do with this, the Gift of Aloha which I impart to you all, and it is my intention to take that same gift which you have each imparted to me and take it out into the big, bad ugliness called Life and share with others the power and the beauty and the magic that is that measure of Aloha, that I am here, will always be here, and that no matter what happens, you will never ever be alone in this lifetime.

To you, each and every one of you,  I give to you on this first day of the madness called “The Holidays,” a wish of peace, a gift of Knowing that you are well Loved, not just by Akua, but most assuredly and absolutely by me…I bid to those within my Soul Tribe the thought in all of your heads that this time in our lives is most exciting, is filled with the memories of the things which broke all of our hearts, and the knowing behind that energy that we all, whether we realize it or not, went through those things so that one day we would collide into a madness that Hawaiians know is called “Aloha,” which is the very Life’s breath of all humanity. We are meant to be with our Soul Tribes, and for all of you I am very deeply grateful for your presence in my Life, for the energy and the Love, the honesty and the Knowing that truly, I am not alone in this world, in this lifetime and in this energy.

To whom it matters…may your Holidays be completely and totally filled with Joy, may your days and nights of these, the last few days and weeks of a very storied year for us all, a year known as 2012, a year when things did not make sense, still, in a manner, do not make sense, even though we all know that there is something up in the cosmos that is big, grand and life changing, and that we are all going to be privy to receiving of the good things we all pine for, have all requested through tears and through rage and with the quietly screaming tearful misunderstandings we went through, both alone and collectively, I give to you these very wishes of my own Hawai’ian heart, of my own Soul and with every single thought of Love and caring behind it.

I bid you each and all the most life changing, the most memorable holiday season, and one which we all anticipate to be filled with happy surprises, with a chance to see who we each are through and because of one another, and most importantly, the thing that we each share with one another, regardless of the day of the week or month or the time of the year…

May your days and nights this holiday season be imbued with the Essence of Aloha, and may we each finally know that it is truly the Gift which matters most of all !!

And to those who share much with me, quite more than only knowing well the phrase “Be Excellent to each other, and party on, dudes…” Mahalo for your presence in my life, as without you all there, I might not realize how much collectively, we care…more than that, in a singular fashion, I may not have ever known that I am worth everything that has happened, and more, worth all the things which broke me in two, because here you all are, reminding me that I am good enough, strong enough and that yes, I matter…in fact, I matter to you as much as you matter to me.

May you all and each enjoy this holiday season, and should it ever be known at this moment that I truly bid you all the very most inspiring holiday season that any one of us has ever had

I Love You All !!


Reverend Roxanne Cottell is the Kumu Hula and Creator of the Spiritual Hula Program for Women and the Co-Founder of Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui. She is a blogger, book authorchoreographer and Spiritual Adviser. If you would like information about “ROCK your NUPTIALS” Weddings or simply just to contact Roxanne for information about the Spiritual Hula Program for Women or information regarding private hula or Spiritual Guidance sessions with her feel free to send her an email.
(c) 2012 Roxanne K. Cottell. All Rights Reserved


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