‘Tis the Season…Aloha is Infectious

Yesterday I told you about this guy and his friends…today is no different, and it is a beautiful thing, indeed!!

And if we feel it’s all a mess, yeah, yeah,
Why don’t we try a little, try a little lve ‘n’ tenderness?
If we got more than comes around, yeah, yeah,
Why don’t we care a little, share a little?
Sure to come back around…” (Tesla- “Stir It Up, Baby“)

I Love It!

I Love it when the holidays prove themselves, through the acts of kindness by people who serve others for a hobby. Yesterday was one such story, and today, as well, is another such story. This time, though, I can make mention of the man’s name, because the man I am talking about is in search of people who will be willing to help him in his efforts to serve the people in the community that he lives in, and also the communities in which he serves as a plumber. 

This is my friend, Roger Thomas, “Flood Guy.”

Roger and I went to the same high school. Roger is a plumber who is also a very giving, very charitable Soul.  Lots of times we read about people who do this only around the holidays, but there are people out there who do this sort of thing all year round. Roger is one of those people, and for many  years now  Roger has been doing good in the communities he serves through making sure people have enough food in their homes to feed their families with, and making sure that Na Kupuna (the Seniors) are warm and have enough to eat.

This year, though, Roger had, and Roger STILL has to, figure out a way that he can continue to serve the people in his community because the charity for which Roger did so much for …for many years…has had a change of administration, and Roger chose to part ways with that organization as he felt that on his own, he would still be able to serve those in his community through his charitable efforts. 

Yet this year, too, Roger needs help from people – within his community and wherever else, for that matter (the internet is a magical thing, yes? You meet the coolest people here…) – to continue on his mission. He needs help. There is so much this man wants to do, so much need he sees, but he cannot find an organization who will support his collection efforts – it blows my mind that no one needs a guy like this making them look really good. Come on! Really? It’s this time of year that people like me, like Roger, like lots of my Tribe – this is when we are at our best. This is when people need to know…no – not want to know…not would like to know…damned well need to know that someone cares about them. 

Too many people have become cynical, and they are the very same people who want to see to it that they don’t look bad, but at the same time they won’t do a thing about it. They will continue to say what they will but they will not back up their own play. Luckily for me, the only kind of people who I know are the kind who have integrity, the kind who are not afraid to give of themselves so that others do not have to feel like they are going it alone. These are the kind of people who do the most good in the world, and are the only kind I care to have anything to do with. 

Roger needs a whole WHOLE lot of help, so I am asking you all nicely…and I WILL be back in a day or two – I Promise you All – with yet another request, just like this one, and it is my greatest hope that you will at least reach out and see what any of these people who I write about need, and yes, of course, you can send your correspondence to me – they will get the email.

Roger needs people who are knowledgeable in the area of nonprofits and how he can continue on with his efforts, get his community involved, and make sure that everyone who he comes into contact with at least has a winter coat to wear. The desert areas, Riverside isn’t technically the desert but it’s close enough to it…in the winter time it gets to be very, very cold, and those who are in frail health, who are alone, who have no choice and also have no family to turn to…these are the people who depend on my folks like my good friend, Roger Thomas.

If there are any of you reading this who are in the media, who are in Roger’s area, who can help him out with …well, with everything, really….ANYONE READING THIS who can help out Roger, would you mind sending me an email?  I don’t mind taking them for him…I mean, I “Facebook see” Roger everyday, just about, and we are still pretty good pals….years mean nothing to people like me, like Roger, like a lot of people I know. 

Just…come on, help a brotha out, will ya? Send me those emails…Roger’s waiting!

I Love You All !

Reverend Roxanne Cottell is the Kumu Hula and Creator of the Spiritual Hula Program for Women and the Co-Founder of Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui. She is a blogger, book authorchoreographer and Spiritual Adviser. If you would like information about “ROCK your NUPTIALS” Weddings or simply just to contact Roxanne for information about the Spiritual Hula Program for Women or information regarding private hula or Spiritual Guidance sessions with her feel free to send her an email.
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