Oh, say…Can You See? – Veteran’s Day…The REAL Day of Thanks

Be Thankful for the Veterans in Your Life…and even for the ones who You don’t know…

There are two days of giving thanks in the month of November. One of those days we eat like starving maniacs, at least most of us do, and the other one…well, it doesn’t get as much fanfare as does the Thanksgiving Holiday does. So today, because I am so grateful for all they do, in my world I have named it the REAL Day of Thanks…Veterans Day.

If you are enjoying your Rights and Freedoms as an American Citizen, make sure to it that you thank a Veteran, and more than that, if you see any – thank those actively enlisted

I cannot imagine what it must be like to think about a loved on overseas, fighting not only for the safety and freedoms of their own family, but more, the safety, freedoms, the American born and raised right to say that we are citizens of this country which, at the time, many  people would tell you is broken, is fractured, is not the symbol of freedom and strength that it is. We have taken for granted the idea that we are entitled to our rights, never thinking once, at least on a daily basis and for the majority of us, that someone, some time ago, or even recently, lost their life so that we could preserve our rights to live as freely as we can.

We are all so worried about what we lose materially that we are not thinking about the idea that we have the same freedoms we have always had and that over time those same freedoms have evolved, have shaped the way that things are for us all here in the Now, and sadly, too many of us want to vilify our Enlisted as murderers, as villains, as everything other than heroes. And this truly is what they are – all of them, and there is no one and nothing that will change my mind about it.

Though I have always been a proud American Rebel, a Woman whose job it is to get it out there to the masses, not only the lessons that we are each learning, but also and more importantly, the reminders that sometimes, when we are thinking of things to hate on, the one thing that we should all be doing whenever the thought hits us in the head is to not hate on but THANK A VETERAN!

Without them – ALL of them…enlisted, too, our freedoms are at risk. Though there are many of you who think that our freedoms are already at risk, there are others who are grateful everyday to those who wear the uniform, who go to battle a world away, who do what they volunteered to and most of all, what they Love to do – which is not fight, but more, fight for the very freedoms we still enjoy in this country.

I am elated and more than that – VERY PROUD to call myself a Citizen of these United States of America, and to those who risk your lives on the account of Americans EVERYWHERE, Mahalo Nui…it is because you care that I can sit here and write this and not worry that somewhere within my locality is someone ready to harm me because of the things that I say…

From the very bottom of my very Hawaiian heart and Soul…Me Ke Aloha Pumehana…Mahalo Nui Loa…

I Love You ALL!!

Reverend Roxanne Cottell is the Kumu Hula and Creator of the Spiritual Hula Program for Women and the Co-Founder of Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui. She is a blogger, book authorchoreographer and Spiritual Adviser. If you would like information about “ROCK your NUPTIALS” Weddings or simply just to contact Roxanne for information about the Spiritual Hula Program for Women or information regarding private hula or Spiritual Guidance sessions with her feel free to send her an email.
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