Just Chill…

Relax…it’s just You Growing…

When we think about a storm we automatically think of the destruction that it can cause, but what we never think about is that when it rains, and pours, there is a cleansing going on. 
We can think of the things and situation in our lives which are not of our own preference as being “bad,” or we can see them all as a hint into our inner world. I know that my own hints have been about self-worth, about believing in the gifts which were mine upon my conception, which were in manifest from the beginning of Life. I know that there is work to do still, that there is much to be handled and much more these days to be very incredibly grateful for, and anymore now I find that being grateful walks hand in hand with also being gracious.
The Calm Before the Storm is meant, at least for some of us, to be the thing that prompts us to recognize the things that hurt us and break us down, things that are meant as a means for us to learn through our own set measure about what we can handle, what we are okay with on the Soul’s level, what it is that we need, and who it is that we want to spend our time on and with. When we reach a point in our lives where it seems like all we have to offer is somehow not enough, take a step back and think about who it was that told you that awful lie, who it was that talked you into believing that garbage, because now and forever, I promise you that you are enough.
You Are Enough

You are good enough, miraculous enough, talented and beautifully magical enough to be able to see your Life the way that you want to see it. 
Yes, it will take work, but it will not take (ack!) sacrifice. Sacrifice is such an ugly word when thinking in terms of the way that we feel about ourselves. I have heard that word far too many times in my life for me to even bother with thinking that somehow, it still belongs in my vocabulary. I prefer to think of that word now and anymore as being replaced by three others – “Let Go Of.”
Expectation is the thing that we must let go of, because with it comes the seeds of disappointment and with it comes the idea that we can Know what is best for everyone involved in a given situation when the truth of us is that we totally and so do NOT!! We cannot “call it” when it comes to other people and their life needs and desires, and we cannot try to know what it is that we need unless we are more inclined to STOP worrying about what someone else needs in their lives so that we can feel better about our lives. We cannot continue the madness of trying to get another person or another set of people to look at things through our eyes because they can’t. There are not a whole lot of people who can…not a whole lot of people are willing to stop talking, start listening, and start thinking about how the story that we are being told by that person is somehow also applicable to our own in some way.
Yet we cannot go through our lives hoping to be everything to someone else or a few someone else’s before we can be everything to ourselves. I know that in my line of work while it might be one thing that I am available to help aid the coming up with new thoughts about a thing, I am not able to help others help their own lives if what I will do is also expect that these people who I am charged with to do everything that I tell them will work for them. I don’t know that it will. All I do know is that when I am “given” a suggestion for them that the most I can offer is to tell them when I have been “told.”
It would be hard on my Soul if I worried that my clients are not following my advice – that is not mine to deal with. I am only here to offer a hand up in life and for me to think that I know what is best for someone else is also like my thinking that what applies in my own life will apply everywhere else and for everyone else as well.
We need to just chill when it comes to the things that we want for others and more, just chill when it comes to the things that we also and dearly want for our own lives. We are of no good help to anyone, namely ourselves, when we are not willing to be open to things being as they are meant to if we bothered not to Lord over others, bothered to let people do as they will, bothered to see that sometimes when we are giving other people our soothing words and our Love, that sometimes the messages that we offer them are truly and also meant for us, too.
So when it comes to our wanting certain things and events and people and situations in our lives, sometimes we just need to trust that we are good enough, that we are strong enough, and that for our very selves, are more than enough to bring our Lives into line with the dreams which have been in manifest when we each were just a twinkle in our earth father’s eyes, but a grand component of the Grander Scheme of Things in the eyes of our Father Who Art in Heaven…
Just Sayin’…
So when you think about it in terms that I have laid out here, it prompts us to ask the question of “What makes me not just chill and trust that I am safe in the arms and the Spirit of the Divine?”
I Love You All !!
Reverend Roxanne Cottell is the Kumu Hula and Creator of the Spiritual Hula Program for Women and the Co-Founder of Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui. She is a blogger, book authorchoreographer and Spiritual Adviser. To contact Roxanne for information about the Spiritual Hula Program for Women or information regarding private hula or Spiritual Guidance sessions with her feel free to send her an email.

(c) 2012 Roxanne K. Cottell. All Rights Reserved


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