Cleaning Windows

Things Change For Us When We Choose to Change Our Perspective

There have been a lot of life-altering changes these last few weeks and the majority of those changes have not materialized for a lot of us, but for some of us, namely those of us who practice daily the act of seeing things from a different perspective, those changes can be seen already.

For weeks I and many others like me have behaved like petulant children stomping their feet to get their way, and by stomping our feet I do not mean literally. I mean that there are things and events which have taken place over the last few weeks that have been life-changing to say the least, and while those things might not be life-changing in the sense that others can see it, those things are life changing in the sense that we ourselves are able to see them. When we choose to place our perspective someplace else and totally from a place which is not the place we started out at, we are also choosing change, meaning that we are also willing to go with that same energetic flow which makes it known that no matter what, no matter how far into the dirt we dig our heels, and no matter how often we proverbially try to swim against the tide of Life, no matter what, change is inevitable. What is also not inevitable is that once it is that we realize what is happening within us, we will also see those same things and events happening outside of ourselves.

The things that we used to think, and the ways that we used to follow through on those thoughts have been changed. And when I say changed, I mean markedly so, and the way that most of us have handled it all is with Grace and Ease, which is exactly as it should be.

Cleaning Windows

So yesterday I am in the middle of a coaching session and I get a text from my very good friend who lives in the southern part of the United States, and her text to me is these three words  :”GO CLEAN WINDOWS.” Now, understand that this friend literally, at her part time night job, cleans windows. So I thought it was her being her usually silly self when I get yet another text from this very same friend that reads “NO REALLY- MAPU GO CLEAN WINDOWS AND MAKE SURE THAT IT IS CLEAN ENOUGH TO SEE YOUR REFLECTION IN IT…” and so me being me asks if it matters that I don’t want to clean a house window and is it cool to clean my car windows. Of course, yes was the answer, and by the time I got myself outside to clean said car windows, I went from only cleaning the front windshield to cleaning all the windows, inside and out. Of course, in the dark of the night the windows would look very clean…but when I got up this morning the truth was different.

While my windows were much cleaner than they were, there were streaks left by the newspaper which I used to dry the windows when they were wet. The newspaper left behind the typical inky streaks that it would anyway, but I did not bother with going over them a second time until this morning. Even though the windows were not as clean as I thought they were, they were, by far, cleaner, and suddenly I understood the symbolism of the Clean Windows…and it makes sense that I would care to clean the windows in the car because I spend a lot of coaching hours in that car – it is my rolling office.

In the same light, it is presumptuous of us to believe that no one but we ourselves can change, and while the changes in others with whom we share closeness may not involve us and while it is that we might not see our own changes, eventually we surely and absolutely will be told that there have been changes made by us. As long as we are not looking for it, change will happen for us – this is a Universal Promise. Everything evolves. Everything, with time, becomes what it is meant to be, and everything, with time, also turns into what it is meant to be as the highest good for all people involved, even people who are minimally involved. The change in our perspective raises our energy level and that vibration is felt everywhere…our change in perception of a thing literally changes things in a physical sense.

And if you don’t believe that this is the Truth, try it. Don’t sit there thinking about all the things that have already gone “other than good” and don’t think of what could happen. Think only thoughts that make you have feelings of happiness, of contentment, of how Much we are so very Loved.

When we are dwelling on the things that have happened, and when we think that there is just nothing more important for us at this moment in time, we must retrain ourselves to actively look for the good in the things that make us mad and break out hearts, must think in the sense that the things, situations and most of all, people, who we think we have lost have really only realized themselves that this lesson with us is over and that truly they are not going away, but really and only making room for our next Teacher.

When we choose to look beyond what the Ego wants us to see we also choose to no longer limit ourselves and who we really are, and I have said it over and over again…

Who we Each Are really is a gigantic, monumental big deal. All you really need to know is realize your place in the Grander Scheme of Things and you will know that the All That Is In Manifest is Being Created and that you need not fret but only to relax into the idea that while your heart and soul may have been through the harshest times of learning thus far, you are primed and ready for the Universal and Divinely Timed and Planned Events to occur for, to, with and through You…which means that indeed, you are a markedly important part of this Lifetime, no matter what you are choosing at this moment to Believe.


Reverend Roxanne Cottell is the Kumu Hula and Creator of the Spiritual Hula Program for Women and the Co-Founder of Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui. She is a blogger, book authorchoreographer and Spiritual Adviser. To contact Roxanne for information about the Spiritual Hula Program for Women or information regarding private hula or Spiritual Guidance sessions with her feel free to send her an email.

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