This time is meant for stopping and smelling the roses…

When we see our lives unfolding as they are meant to, it is wise to Be in our Lives as much as possible, not to try to get more than we already have, but simply and only to appreciate what is already there for us.

Too many of us whose lives and life’s work are connected to the Spiritual side of Life like to go out into this world and tell people that what we want we can have, that what we need we already have, and that it is easy for us if we just focus. What we are not so great at, at least a lot of us, is knowing what we want is ours, is in manifest, and is everything that we hope for it to be, but also that what we want requires that we be willing to allow it to Become what it is meant to be.

We want to behave as though we have the answers for everyone when a lot of the time we do not even have those answers for ourselves! And we have the nerve to believe that we think we know what is best for everyone else. We don’t. When we are given a situation that we must get ourselves through and that situation is markedly rife with pain and heartache the only thing that we can see is that pain and that heartache. While we know that if we stepped back and thought more about the entirety of a thing rather than only our tiny piece of that thing that what would happen is we would be shown symbolically where we are at, we want to see the evidence of our growth, of our thoughts, and the manifestation of our Desires right there in our face and we want to see it NOW…

What, did you forget that there was going to be work involved in this?

No one likes to work, no one. We like to think that what we do for a living as being just a part of our lives and not truly a part of our Path.(It is…no, really…but that is for the other blog). We want to believe that the Law of Attraction works like a magic genie in a bottle when truly it is more you and your energy and the work put into that manifestation that brings it all into form. Do not take truly and as truth that you get what you want just like that. You do not. I do not. We will not, because always there is a lesson contained within it. We might be seeking answers that require our involvement being much bigger than what we thought. When the energy which we think is meant as someone else’s lesson about thing is all our own, and when we think we are the ones who is teaching anyone anything, ultimately we find out that what we were doing was reflecting off of other people that energy that belongs to us and more than that, we are being given what we asked for and lots of times we do not even realize it.

…we do not even realize it…

If it is that we have been desirous of a thing or a situation, we do not know it until we are in the middle of it that we are learning about ourselves and what it is that our Soul needs. Our Ego needs way too much for our human beingness to be able to help it or satiate it. Our Ego serves us with the lesson that we need, and our Soul is the part of us that is rewarded for those lessons. When we are able to deal with a thing, when we can accept what it is about ourselves that we see in someone else, no matter what it is and no matter if we want to believe it, when it materializes for us that is when we find out what we are energetically made of. Collectively we have all asked for some rest, and when we did so we did so with the intention in mind that what we wanted to have in our lives we wanted to also have a sense of permanence to it. Things that require the involvement of other people at deeper levels than only what we see are the things that we most need to accept, to learn about, to understand how it relates to our lives singly and collectively, and then we need to trust that what we are seeing in front of our eyes physically is a manifestation of what it is that we have felt within our Souls for a lot longer than we care to believe.

And belief is part of the Stopping and the Smelling of the proverbial roses in this whole Spiritual adventure we are all on.

Stop to smell the roses without the fear that you are somehow going to get stung by the slings and arrows of what might happen…

Am I the only person who thinks that people should be less afraid of what might happen? I know all about this demon….the one that tells us that we should get ourselves prepared, “just in case.” My friend Melody Fletcher, who is the creator of the Deliberate Receiving Blog, tells us in one of her blogs that when we prep ourselves for the worst that we should expect the worst because already in our minds we have created that thought that tells us things are going to go badly and that since we are such “smart” humans that we had better prepare for it all or else we might get our heart broken again over something…something that would not have turned out badly had we just opted to go with the flow of things and let them happen rather than prepping ourselves for that one thing to not happen the way it needs to.

I won’t lie about it, but I do this a lot still, and I know the meaning of stopping to smell the roses in my life, and Melody is RIGHT !!

I know now that I have to just let things blossom, that if I want to see what I am most Desirous of in every area of my Life, I have to go with my gut instead of my rationale, have to believe it before I see it, and I know that doing things this way also prompts me to ponder certain evidences that tell me things, that give me my answers, that make it known that what I truly Desire the most is absolutely Becoming and is Becoming in a way that not even my own Piscean ability to dig into something deeply to analyze what is before me – and any good, well-learned Piscean will tell you that when we do like Pisces are meant to…which is to be a good Fish and swim with the flow instead of being like a Salmon trying to swim upstream against the Flow of Life. When we choose to “go with the flow” we find a grandness of Soul in the little things, in the things that, if we bothered to look a bit more closely at them, would show us the smaller yet vitally important pieces of the thing that is in manifest.

ALL parts of who we are depend on our being able to ponder our own magnificence, even if that magnificence is contained in the not-so-magnificent. When we see a thing as always Being Whole but also as constantly Evolving into the Most Highest Best that that thing or situation our limited thinking can handle, that is when we Know, too, that whatever it is that is in manifest for us that is taking what we want to call as being its “sweet time,” is Being Created for Us in the very most wonderful way that we human beings cannot figure out with our own limited human thinking. When we can let go of what it is that we see with our minds eyes as being permanently as it is, that is when the magic happens for us because that said same magic happens within us and changes us …permanently.

So when you are ready to blow a gasket, or ready to have words with someone over what it is that our Ego is pretending is the most important thing about something, stop for a moment and think about just how large the size of the thing or the situation is that we are intending and accordingly deal with it from that perspective.

When we can see our thoughts and the Desires of our Souls as being as valuable in manifest as we know we will see them when they have actually manifested, then is when we will actually feel as though it is on its way, no matter what it is. When we have a clue about a thing and when we can accept that we only know about it what we know about it and that we do not know the entirety of the thought or the thing, that is when we have begun the process of the slow yet sweet manifestation of the dreams residing within our Souls and the heartbeat and more, the Promise which is only that which is Universal Love.

Stop and smell the roses, guys…I promise you won’t get stung!

I Love You All!!

Reverend Roxanne Cottell is the Kumu Hula and Creator of the Spiritual Hula Program for Women and the Co-Founder of Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui. She is a blogger, book authorchoreographer and Spiritual Adviser. To contact Roxanne for information about the Spiritual Hula Program for Women or information regarding private hula or Spiritual Guidance sessions with her feel free to send her an email.

(c) 2012 Roxanne K. Cottell. All Rights Reserved. 


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