Careful what you say…and what you mean..

I say it often…be mindful of your words as your words are very powerful

When it comes to times when we feel that words are in order, prior to our orating, prior to our scribing, prior to it all, there must be some thought attached to it or else you may end up looking like a fool!

To the young lady on whose Facebook I prompted a diatribe of my own truths my apologies go out. However, to the others who helped with the misunderstandings of the morning, I must note here that there is nothing quite more sweet to anyone on this planet than knowing what our own truth is, and once it is that we know what our own truth is, there is nothing and no one who can come between us and that Truth. Right now my own truth is that I have been told that I am one way, that I am old, that I am a whole lot of things that normally would hurt me but on this occasion I see that the only thing I am is mildly annoyed. I am only mildly annoyed because of the idea that too many people online will take a chance at attacking others on a personal level, and there is no way that I have done that. I told the young lady in question that she merely needs to reread her words and know that there is a good enough reason why it set me off the way that it did.

Yet that is not good enough as to the reason that perfect strangers will goad each other and test each other to the ends of the proverbial universe, taking great pains to make sure that they get their point heard, that they get that last dig in, and man – it was personal. What I want to know is why it is that anyone who does not know me suddenly has the right to call me out, for, of all things, her own version of what “old” is. She claimed to be “young and wild and free,” and that may be the truth, but in that one instance I saw myself in that young woman and drew back because no way at all do I care to be that way, at least not anymore. There was a day not too many years ago where it was that I made my money debating with people online, because I was really great at arguing a point, even if there was no point.

These days I tend to take my words very seriously and dearly, for they are part of the reason that I am who I am now. My words are loaded with Love, and my words are loaded with my own truth, but the one thing that I am positive that my words are not filled with is any sort of attack energy aimed toward someone else. I could take the young lady’s advice and “chill” and that would have sufficed, that she would state her truth through the facts that she has, but when it got personal, I got personal., and it should never have gotten there at all. Yet, it did, and I let it, and I even sparred with this young person, later finding myself very uninterested in a match of wits with someone who would come to battle unarmed, and in her defense she does have the folly of youth on her side aiding her quest for pride…I hope she finds it.

So, I suppose that for today, the morning Mana’o, the morning thought has got to be that when we are trying to get our point across, that we should think clearly our thoughts so as not to offend those whose lives would be lived not quite like another’s would be. This is the thing that none of us realizes when we are merely stating an opinion, which, the initial poster was doing. Our choice of words is what gives us power. Our delivery of those thoughts is what gives us more power, and when it is that we have offended someone without realizing that we have, it is at that point where we can realize that power.

When we offend we find out how powerful our words truly are….imagine what the world would be like if the majority of us, including myself at times, would bother to think before we spoke or wrote something…


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