You can run, but you can never hide from your own Truth…

Try as we might, the one thing that we cannot deny is our very Truth…

We all like to run and hide, all of us. We like to run away from the things that we know are the truth of us. I know that I do not like being thought as being an impatient person who only wants her way. I also know that if there is anyone I know who can handle her own truth it is me. (I am sort of a trader in Truth, so to speak). I know that I am not afraid to be who I am, and I am not afraid to do what I do, and I am not afraid to honor the truth which is me and which lives within me.

I didn’t always know my own truth, though, and I know, too, that there are still a whole lot of people – even people who I know – who do not know their own truth, or worse, they DO know their own truth, but they refuse to give their very own truth a chance to be out and about in the world. When we refuse our own truth we also refuse the best that we have to offer to our very selves. When we cannot decide or rather, choose not to decide, and when we leave people wondering about things that we say or do, we end up taking away from ourselves, namely when we refuse to lives up to all that we are or all that we are intending to be.

We run from the truth because the simple fact is that when we find that we are not living up to our truth that we have work to do and we human beings hate to work. We want things to be our way, and we want to do what we think we know is the best thing for us, but when we end up right back where we started and we feel frustrated by the things that we see as not changing, it is at that point where we also need to think about what it is that we…WE are not being for our selves. When we deny the very truth of us, when we are more ready to take for granted the things that are in our midst, the things that we know are very important to us, and most of all, the thing that reveals ourselves to us, we deny what we need. We will more easily deny who we are by denying the things that we need that we called into Being and that we know are good for us.

I will not lie to anyone and tell anyone that I do not do this, and I will not sit here trying to convince anyone that from time to time, I do not dabble in the things that render me prone to making decisions for my self that sometimes may not be the best ones to make, but in the long run those very decisions are what have shaped me and who I now Am. Who I now Am is powerful in her own right, and my thought is that there is no way that any human being alive would also not want to not have to go through what they have gone through thus far because of the fear which compels them otherwise. I know that for a long time I was scared to try to become all that I am meant to become. For a long time I pushed against what people were telling me and up until just a few weeks ago, I denied who I Am and fell into that line of thinking that since I didn’t want to be stuck in a mess of tears anymore, that I would not bother to help other people.

I thought that the reason that I would be upset all the time was because I was feeling the intense emotions of other people and that I was “living” the truths of other people, and in some cases I was and in a few cases I still do but it is because I want to feel those energies, because those very energies protect me, not from my truth, but from the lies and excuses that I would rather believe are the truth.

You can never hide from your own truth. You can never not do what you will to make those truths THE truth. You can step outside of them. You can look at them from a distance, and you can do all you can to resist them and the changes which are inherent in those things and situations that we all fear. But you cannot hide from it, and you cannot NOT look at it all and Know that somehow, this is where you are headed.

I know this because it is my own truth that I see the best in other people. I know this because I want to see those with whom I hang to also see the best in themselves, even if it takes me longer than I want it to. The truth is the truth, no matter what. The truth will always be the truth, no matter what.

And no matter what, you can run and even hide, but the one thing that you can never change is the truth.

Aloha !!! I Love You All !!

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