There comes a time…

We do not know that we have rights until someone else comes along and reminds us that we do 

I have a friend whose name shall stay a secret, and it will stay a secret because the world is filled with abuse survivors who go through the same thing with their abusers.

As a citizen of the world, it is of utmost importance that all of us remember that we were all born with the same human rights that anyone ever is. This is the pisser of being an abuse victim or survivor – the idea that what one person told you was the truth is the God’s honest truth. When it comes down to the nitty gritty, what no abuse survivor is ever going to think about is the very idea that you had rights before you entered into a relationship with this other person, you had those same rights throughout the time that you were going through what you went through, and now, at the end of it all, or in your case, the new start of things, you are still in that mindset that you have to ask another person who is comprised of the very same carbon substance that you were born into this life as being – you have rights just like anyone else does.

Never let another person be the thing that makes or breaks you, and while I should not be the one to say that to anyone, the idea that I have to ask permission of another adult, no matter who they are, just to live, is ridiculous. For all those people on the planet who feel like they have to control someone else in order to be anything at all, you have some serious issues and now you want to tell someone else how to live according to your rules and what makes you comfortable, and you don’t care one little bit about it if the person who you think you own has a say so ever.

You need to grow up because one day you will find yourself miserable and lonely

God help you when…not if….WHEN that day comes !!


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