You, only better – The Small Voice Within

I am often queried about “The Small Voice Within”

We do not realize how intuitively sharp we are until we are forced to go within to seek Solace

I have always been Empathic.

There has never been a day in my life that I have not been very sensitive to the energies and vibrations of other people. There are certain stores and places where I cannot venture because I am so sensitive that the negative energies that others send out affect me and suddenly what may have started out for me as a good day can, within a few short moments, become a bit of a very uncomfortable day for me very easily. This gift – my Empathic ability – allows me to be able to very quickly assess a situation and allows me to easily “Know” someone, even before I know their name. I sense their anger, and their sadness, and of course, I sense their joy and, sometimes, I can even tell what a person is thinking, all based on the energies, the vibes, if you will, that they send out into the world.

A funny thing about Empathy – some folks have no idea what it is. Chick people know what it is because we have a very deep sense of empathy about us – all of us. Guy people who are socially sensitive also have a heightened sense of intuition.

More than that, though, is the fact that those who have gone through any kind of abuse – we have the strongest Empathic abilities than most do, and it is because when you are in the middle of your own personal hell you begin to sharpen your 6th sense without even trying, and you have the inborn ability to fight or fly (fight versus flight) and at that point things begin to get very interesting.

Things begin to get very interesting

That you can tell from experience and the cycle of violence that you have already endured what kind of day you will have based on your attacker’s demeanor upon waking in the morning. You already are scared out of your mind, and while I will never ever say that it is good that you are scared, what I will say is that there is a point in the lives of all abuse victims when each one of us no longer likes the stigma and neither the attention garnered by being seen as a victim. When the time comes and you have made the choice to be a survivor rather than a victim and when the attention that you seek is not the sort that one would get upon the first time that any one of us gets the nerve up to tell someone close to us what is happening to us, this is when you will start to actually feel the pronounced ability to Know things before you are meant to, and if you are smart about this newly heightened gift that you ended up with, you will NOT listen to your attacker and become a phone psychic and instead will hone your gift and your 6th sense so that you can intuit, first, what is in the mind of your attacker and then eventually you will learn that this 6th sense is something that you can use to get yourself back to healthy again, back to that place where the real you is and has been.

And once that happens, it begins to take on the sense that you are somehow on your way back home, back to wholeness, realizing then that what you have gone through has served you even as it broke you. You realize that the signs and all the little “coincidences” that you have been experienced were anything but chance, anything but what you have been told they are and you begin to see, for real, with your mind’s eyes, an actual future.

The Small Voice Within has great big plans for you, so you’d better listen!

The Small Voice Within. Call it whatever you want. I call it God, and I call it God because it has never led me in the wrong direction, and it has never not had my best interest at heart, and while I was being victimized, it was the Voice Within that screamed with a whisper silence to me about how I did not deserve what I was going through, how it was and is that there are people on this planet who actually do love me, who actually do care about who I am and who want me to be the best me that I can be. The Small Voice Within was the temperature gauge which I would turn to in times of heated battle with a crazy person, and it is the same small voice that tells me who it is I can trust, who it is that I SHOULD be crazy about, and who only has my best interests at heart. These would be those same people who were there for me when I needed someone to be, and these are the same people who always, even when they disagreed with me, never made me feel foolish for having an original thought.

These are the same people who told me all the time that it is his loss, that he is the one who will have to learn to do without, and are the very same people who I know accept me as I am, flaws and all. These are the same people who have always had my back, and if they had to hurt me, did it with much kindness and with a big fat hug.

Your heightened intuition is an incidental that comes with the ugliness that became your life.

Use it wisely…

I Love You All !


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