BE BRAVE! Stand and FIGHT for your rights!

It really doesn’t need to be called a “War on Women,” because it really is a war on the sanctity of the Family.
All this time we have been being lied to by the GOP. Now, do not get me wrong – I LOVE everyone, and while people could and have called me a “liberal” (ummm…NOT!) these same people have not bothered themselves to find out what the hell I am really am, and what I really am is a good American, plain and simple. There is nothing about me that screams “democrat,” and none of the things that I believe in in regards to family and spiritual beliefs or standing behind our troops says that I am a “conservative” or even “middle of the road” anything. If I must wear a label, then let that label be “Quiet Rebel Patriot,” because if you know me, you know, too, that I am rebellious as hell when it comes to the rights of women and victims everywhere, no matter your gender. I have no problem exercising my Freedom of Speech, my Freedom of Expression, and I dare anyone to tell me that I haven’t got the right to stand alone against the masses of people who are so needy for something to call “family” and the feeling you get from it that they will punish women and blame us for it.
I am made ill – nauseated even – by the idea that there are politicians in the midwest who feel that women should stay married to their abusers, who feel that the sanctity of the family has been marred by single parenthood. I am disgusted by the very thought that there are some men in office who believe that the fabric of society has been degraded by women alone – what the hell do they call an absent father, and how dare they blame the single mothers for the issues that society faces. I have yet to hear these shitheads say what they will of the fathers in the picture who are no where NEAR being in the picture and it was their CHOICE that they not stay with the mothers who they turned into single mothers. I am, to say the least, bursting at the very seams with rage, but it is a quiet and seething rage, the sort that causes people to get out into the world and to make a difference on their own, and this, you guys, is where I am today.
We, the Chick People, must be willing to fight for our rights because no one else will do it for us…
We have become completely complacent with what we have as ours, have settled for whatever it is that we are being told we are worth, being told we are able to do and being told, most of all, who we are. We are not second class citizens, and are not less than anyone else is, I Promise you this.
What else I promise you is that if mine is the only voice to be carried, through my words in writing or through my activism and through my own example of daily living, then that is what I am meant to do and yes, I carry the flame and the passion of my own cause – the rights of women and girls all over our nation – because even though I alone cannot bear the weight of this undertaking alone, I know, too, that there are others who are just as tired as I am of our being victimized by a small, elite group of people who can never know what it is that we go through, some of us daily, and what it is like for us to have to fear the daily living of our lives. No one should have to be afraid in Love, and no one should have to see the family they are part of as being a mixed blessing, where one parent has to compensate for the wrongdoings of the other. This is what lawmakers do not see and this is what they are not aware of, and I know that it has become my mission in life to make them see, through singular effort and through my own activist efforts that this will change.
While it might be a lot of time which passes before we see those changes materialize in our private lives, we can begin to exact those changes by being the lone voice in the wilderness, the lone voice which cries in the night, first with a whisper, then, with a scream…if we all continue to only whisper, we will only allow ourselves the changes made in a whisper of a moment, and what we need, what the world needs most right now is that generation of screamin’ women who are fed up and no longer willing to be on our knees begging for our rights.
We all, at one time, bought into the pretend security that we were shown on “Leave it to Beaver,” “Father knows best,” and “The Brady Bunch,” because those are the very examples of women that no longer apply in this current social climate. We are educated and angry, and we don’t understand that we never had to take it on the chin, never had to do all that we trusted others to lead the nation of families into the future with.
Anymore now, it is a woman who is the head of household, and it is the woman who makes all the sacrifices she does for her children, and it is the woman, too, who is the unwitting poster child for all the blame that the GOP can come up with.
Planned Parenthood, VAWA, and the rights of abusers and how those rights give the rights of the abused less power
The GOP wanted to take away our rights to choose what is best for us. I would like to know when the hell it was that this was an issue that any man would have any knowledge about firsthand, and I want to know when it was that any man gave birth to a baby. I am not a man hater, and there are a few men – one in particular – who know this about me. I LOVE the men in our midst, because without them we would never know that we all have attributes that are feminine and Divine and completely ours alone to do with what we can and want (they are called “feminine wiles, ladies…use them with care and caution!). We have been villified by the media, and we have been made the current pariah of the times, all because a few unenlightened men in power seem to think that if they take away our rights that we can also be bullied into giving up our equality, but this is a blatant lie and one which will not be anything else but a lie unless and until we are willing to stand up for our rights.
Fuck equal rights for pay if equal rights for protection against that equality does not also come with the right to be safe in our own home, the right to not have to worry about getting an abortion if it is medically needed or worse, is needed because a woman was raped and she ends up pregnant. If all we are is truly and only the vessels through which human life is made real, and if this is your way of thinking, then please stop reading right now because you are just as bad as the men who would believe that we are weaker physically which also makes us weaker than they are, period.
There is no man alive who can handle the pressures of life that any woman cannot also handle. Yet, women, for the most part, are not physically abusive, and if they are, we need to ask what made her that way, just like we ask that in regards to an abuser who is a man. We want to find what happened to him in his past, but when it comes to us, we are simply just bitchy …well hell yeah we are.
We are bitchy because we have to fight so much more and so much harder than the guys do, and we have to endure what horrible things are said to us, and we have to endure the idea that if we call the cops our attackers will be let out within 24-48 hours, unless we are put into a coma…it is when we are unable to speak and fight for ourselves when we are helped.
It should never get to that point, ever.
This is a war on women, guys, and it is not a GOP war only, but a societal war, and is one that I am seeing as our call to duty, our call to stand up, be brave and fight like the crazy people we have been told we are. It is time to get a good bout of emotional and spiritual PMS and take these fuckers on, one at a time, and not bow out and not shrink with fear and not do what we are expected to do and run and cry like the little girls they want to keep us all as. I do not only say “hell no” to that, but “hell FUCK NO and NEVER IN MY DAUGHTER’S OR MY SISTER’S OR MY BEST FRIENDS LIFE TIMES!!! HELL FUCK NO!!”
We are being robbed…our children kidnapped…all by a bureacracy that preaches one thing but does the opposite
I know about things that no one has the right to know, that no one really needs to know, and I know of attrocities of mothers losing their kids to the system when in fact they should not have. This is a war, you guys, on women, on children, on the family, and on society as a whole.
We respect the institution of marriage on its face, but we have no respect for the victims involved in an abusive marriage, citing that women can just leave – no, we can’t, not without the threat of further injury or even being murdered.
We respect the two parent home even if it is a violent one, when instead we should be giving more attention to the fact that people who leave violent relationships deserve a standing ovation because they not only saved themselves from what could have ended up as a reason to mourn, but they also rescued their babies, and this is something that goes unnoticed and in some cases, is thought of as disruptive to the lives of children…I think people who bail out to save themselves and their kids are heroes, just as much are our men and women in our military.
The reason why I cannot stand Dr. Laura Schlezinger
I am a recovering Dr. Laura listener and have been for about a decade now, and it is because she is also in line with the thought that when you marry, it is forever, and if your man is belittling you, you should stay for the sake of the children. She advocates the preservation of emotionally abusive unions simply by broadcasting her personal feelings about the children who have to sit and listen to the shit that a lot of women go through all in the name of two parent households.
I know firsthand what happens to kids when one of their parents is saying terrible things to the other parent. I know that it affects children a whole lot to see their mother cry in pain, their mother beg their father, through tears as though she were in mourning, to please be kind and good to her, to not treat her like she is not worthy of kindness, not worthy of the love and respect and the preservation of her own dignity…I know this monster well, because I have slain this monster, all on my own, without outside help other than the support of those who love me and my kids. I know what it feels like.
Yet, educated idiots like Dr. Laura only have their textbook to go by and not real life experience. SHe negated her stance as a “feminist” when she began to broadcast that women should know better and that they would have seen the signs before we married these men. To that I give a great big “FUCK YOU!” to this stupid bitch who could never hold a candle to ANY single mother, to ANY abuse victim, to any woman whose heart and soul are truly Divine and Feminine.
Making the call out to the chosen …
I see and know any victim of any sort of domestic abuse as being “chosen,” because if you were not chosen then you would not be alive still to tell your story.
If you want to be part of a great big effort to bring about changes in the laws, then I beg you to please register to vote if you have not. I beg you to join forces with me, for PROJECT: Shades, to join voices with me in the writing of “The Abuse Book,” and to stand your ground, no matter what.
It took me twenty three years to begin to take back my life, and I am doing it, one day at a time, but this does not mean that for every one person like me that there will be an influx of people who will cast aside their fears and march silently through the pain, through the ugliness, through everything they know as their own truth, to a better place societally
We cannot make changes outwardly or for the betterment of the world in which we live until we choose to also make singular and personal choices to do the same for ourselves.
Stand up. Be Brave. Choose to not be a victim anymore, because that is really where change starts for us all
I Love You All

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